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The 10 Most Common Mistakes of Outsourcing 2.0

10 most common mistakes of outsourcing 350x450

Learn how avoid the 10 most common mistakes that business owners make when starting to hire freelancers. Save yourself hours of frustration by reading this eBook.

100 Most Popular Jobs to Outsource to Online Workers

100 Most Popular Jobs to Outsource 350x450

Browse 100 tasks that you can take off your plate and pass off to a freelancer. Start saving your time each day and growing your business faster with these freelancers. Wouldn't that be awesome?

A Beginner's Guide to Hiring Online Workers with FreeeUp

A Beginners Guide to Hire Online Workers 350x450

Learn how thousands of businesses are hiring through the FreeeUp Marketplace to find reliable workers to grow their sales and cut their costs. This guide walks you through each step to hire your first freelancer.


Client Expectations Template

freeeup client expectations 360x320

Use this template to create your own company expectations that you can share with all new hires. Set up your freelancers so that they understand how to knock the project out of the park.

One Time Project Template

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Getting and staying on the same page with workers can be one of the hardest goals to achieve. Use this template to create an unofficial working agreement together so you are ALWAYS on the same page.

Crucial Freelancer Interview Questions

freelancer interview questions 360x320

Use the 6 questions in this guide to interview all freelancers you are considering hiring. The questions will help you to recognize red flags and ensure that you're always hiring the best worker for your company.


Finding, Interviewing, and Vetting Online Workers

Learn the secrets to recruiting, interviewing, and vetting out the best possible freelancers for your business directly from Nathan Hirsch, the CEO of

Onboarding, Training, Integrating With Your Team

Outsourcing doesn't stop once you've made the hire. Listen to these hacks for onboarding, properly integrating, and setting up your remote workforce.

Motivating, Retaining, Getting the Most, Staying Organized

Once you've properly set your freelancer up, you need proven management and leadership strategies to keep them motivated to continue growing your business.

How To Use Your FreeeUp Timeclock Account to Hire and Manage

Watch this video to see how the FreeeUp software works while you're hiring freelancers through the marketplace.

Essential Questions to Ask VA's While Interviewing

Listen to FreeeUp's founders, Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan, discuss the critical questions to ask any freelancer in an interview. This comes from their 7+ years of hiring.

Seriously Skilled Skyping for Remote Worker Management

Communication is key when it comes to outsourcing. Watch as FreeeUp's CEO, Nathan Hirsch, teaches you his hacks for multi-tasking through Skype.

Proven Steps to Hiring a Personal Assistant

Have you ever thought about hiring a personal assistant? There's handfuls of tasks that can be taken off your plate, i.e. emails, scheduling, etc. that a personal assistant can handle for you...

Secrets to Hiring and Integrating a Project Manager

You may eventually reach a point where you're spending too much time managing your remote team. That's the perfect time when a remote project manager can step in to keep things organized.

How to Create a Remote Company Culture

Don't forget about your company culture even while outsourcing. A strong culture can keep freelancers around longer and further connect them to the goals of your business.

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