Your Mission: Set up One Payment Method

Ready? Read the three options below and click on one of the links to set up a payment method for your FreeeUp account!

Already a client? Use this page to update the payment method for your account or to add a backup payment option.

Option 1: ACH

Only for US bank accounts.
Receive 1.1% off all of your FreeeUp invoices when you use ACH.
Set up ACH for your account using our Paysimple ACH form.

Click on the link below to link your bank account with your FreeeUp account. It does not cost you anything to use ACH. The $10.00 charge used to link your bank account will be credited back to your FreeeUp account in full. All of our ACH payments and bank information is securely stored through Paysimple.

Option 2: Credit Card

You can always use a credit card to pay for your FreeeUp workers.
We will charge your credit card on file every Thursday when billing is performed.
To set up a credit card on your FreeeUp account, click the following link.

Option 3: PayPal Retainer

If you don’t want to use ACH or a credit card, you have the option of sending a retainer to your FreeeUp account where future invoices will be billed from.
All retainers are 100% refundable.
You can send a retainer to your FreeeUp account using our PayPal payment form.

Here's some payment info you may be wondering about

FreeeUp billing periods are Wednesday through Tuesday. Billing is performed on every Thursday. For ACH payments, billing is performed on Thursday, but may not go through to your bank account unil Monday.

Reminder: It is against FreeeUp policy to discuss pay with workers or to pay workers outside of FreeeUp. They won't tell you even if you ask.☺
If you suspect that hours have been billed incorrectly, first speak with your worker to see if it can be explained and resolved. If there are still issues after speaking with them, contact us at We will work with you to resolve all issues in a timely manner!

To access the hours your workers are logging each week, go to and click log in using your FreeeUp credentials. Click on “Timecard” and the relevant date range to view the hours that your workers billed. To view notes, simply click on the hours in the chart.

For any questions or concerns relating to your invoice, please contact