Outsourcing & Scaling with Nathan Hirsch

The Outsourcing & Scaling Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of the FreeeUp Marketplace, Nathan Hirsch. On the show, you’ll receive exclusive advice from leading entrepreneurs, business owners, and startup founders in eCommerce, Amazon, Shopify, and digital marketing. Discover how you can bootstrap a business from the ground up without any outside funding and scale a team so you can stay focused on the growth of the business. From real life experiences to step-by-step processes and proven business systems, you’ll gain actionable tactics you need to scale a business that doesn’t depend on you. Learn about selling on Amazon, building a Shopify eCommerce business, optimizing Facebook ads, running a digital marketing agency, outsourcing to people all over the world, running a business completely remote, search engine optimization, influencer marketing, podcast marketing, content creation, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, financial management, company culture, web design, web development, customer service, and everything else you need to build an unforgettable online business.

Episode Blogs

OAS 12 | eCommerce
  Studying to become an electrical engineer, Steve Chou didn’t have any intention to get into eCommerce or any kind of business for that matter. However, when his wife became pregnant with their first child in 2006, she wanted to quit her job. That led them to start looking at business opportunities and stumbled upon open source shopping cart. Their business soon took off with the help of Google AdWords and content marketing. Wanting to
OAS 11 | eCommerce
  Buying and selling have evolved with the help of technology. We can now buy things quickly at the comfort of our homes with one click and it will be delivered to your doorstep. Even though things change rapidly nowadays, the trend for eCommerce is quite predictable than you would ever think. Chloë Thomas, the founder of eCommerce MasterPlan, international speaker, and bestselling author, demystifies the world of eCommerce. Chloe takes us back to the
OAS 10 | Growing An Amazon Business
  Some people take the normal route while others create their own paths and challenge the status quo. College dropout Casey Gauss decided that following the norm isn’t for him. At the age of 21, he founded Viral Launch, an Indianapolis-based tech company that offers innovative software and creative services to Amazon sellers. Casey talks about growing an Amazon business and providing the best customer service, and reveals how he stays relevant to the Amazon
OAS 09 | Amazon
  The only thing that’s constant is change. Amazon sellers, brands, and the community need to embrace the idea that change is constant within Amazon. We need to look at change as a positive instead of fighting that change every time it occurs. Amazon brand strategist Jeff Cohen called himself a corporate entrepreneur prior to Seller Labs because although he wasn’t always the one who came up with the idea, he was the one that
OAS 08 | Digital Marketing
  Marketing has evolved over the years, advancing along with the latest technology. It is vital in every business as marketing is what primarily drives sales. More and more businesses has become irrelevant not because their technology, product, or services are irrelevant but because they’re not being found or doing well online. Jordan Steen, the founder of Cereal Entrepreneur Academy, shares his expertise in the field of digital marketing. Jordan gives us a glimpse of
OAS 07 | Freelance Business
  Freelancing is a dream come true for people who don’t want the usual 9 to 5 work routine. What does it take to become successful in this field? Matt Olpinski is the owner of The Freelancer Institute, an exclusive Slack community that he created to help freelancers learn. Brushing on topics that include taxes, handling finance, and the discipline that’s required in the business, he tackles how he succeeded in freelancing and gives insights
OAS 6 | Business Growth
  Taking up a good idea and getting it to that million-dollar mark seems to be elusive for a lot of entrepreneurs. An expert they could really use the help of is Jennifer Glass, CEO of Business Growth Strategies International, LLC. As one of the top women business leaders today, Jennifer provides a robust and best-in-class solution for business owners looking to grow their business and revenues through BGSI. She takes us back to what
OAS 5 | Email Marketing
  Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message to a group of people using email with the goal to develop relationships with potential customers and/or clients. Marc Mawhinney, the owner of the Facebook group called The Coaching Jungle and founder of Natural Born Coaches, specializes in helping coaches get more clients and scale their businesses through organic marketing strategies such as email marketing. Marc dives into email marketing and its vital components,
OAS 4 | Amazon
  Dubbed as one of the leading digital marketing professionals, Brian Burt is the founding force behind eight multi-million dollar businesses. He is also a five-time 2 Comma Club Award winner, a three-time Amazon Seller Award recipient, and a leading coach and educator for visionary entrepreneurs. Brian tells about his humble beginnings in entrepreneurship from lemonade stands to establishing an auto detailing company, selling auto glass, and getting into SEO and Amazon. He shares one

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