Refer colleagues and business owners to start earning commissions today

Many clients and workers take advantage of the amazing referral program that allows you to save money on your worker costs or make money by simply telling others about us or using your unique affiliate link.

Many clients get heavily discounted workers or even free workers each week just by telling other people about the FreeeUp marketplace.

Client Referrals

Intro FreeeUp to new clients.

Earn $0.50 for every hour

That's right! $0.50 for every hour billed by clients that you refer...forever.

Worker Referrals

Send FreeeUp new workers.

Earn $0.25-$0.50 for every hour

You get it! $0.25 for every hour billed by low and mid level workers that you refer...forever. And $0.50 for every hour billed to experts that you refer.

Client Referral Example

You've had an amazing experience using FreeeUp for your hiring needs and you want to share the service with other business owners that you know. You shoot an email out to your closest friends using your FreeeUp affiliate link and they sign up as clients as well. Within the first month, your referrals bill 80 hours of work. On your FreeeUp account, you receive 80 hours times $0.50 per hour equaling a total of $40 in referral earnings. Not a bad deal for a simple email!

Worker Referral Example

You've been working on the FreeeUp network for the past 6 months and are really enjoying the clients you are able to work with. From being a freelancer, you know how difficult it can be to find work sometimes. You decide to refer FreeeUp to your friends so you post a review on your social media channels to get the word out. A handful of your friends end up joining the network and mention you as their referrer. They bill 100 hours over the first month. You receive an additional 100 hours times $0.25 totaling $25 of referral earnings!

Important note: The affiliate link does not work for referring workers since there is an application process to become a worker. Simply tell us when you've referred a worker and encourage them to mention your name in the application process. We will make sure you receive credit!

Here's how it works...

We strive to make the process of referring your colleagues and other business owners as simple as possible so that you earn, earn, and earn some more!

IMPORTANT: You do not need to be a current client or worker to be an affiliate. Simply complete the first 2 steps of the sign up to access your unique affiliate URL.

Step 1: Access your FreeeUp affiliate link

If you already have a FreeeUp account, you can log into your FreeeUp account then click on the Affiliate tab to access your unique affiliate link.
If you don't have a FreeeUp account yet, you can easily set one up by clicking on the Sign Up button anywhere on After filling out the Sign Up form, you'll be contacted by one of our reps to finalize your FreeeUp account!

Step 2: Refer your network to FreeeUp

Get the word out about FreeeUp! There are plenty ways to make it happen. Send an email to your closest colleagues. Share a brief description of FreeeUp on your social media channels. Mention FreeeUp in your next blog article. You always have three options: (1) use the referral link, (2) introduce them to us personally, (3) have them mention your name when they sign up.

Step 3: Get credit for your referrals

As your referrals sign up to the FreeeUp network as a client or worker, your FreeeUp account will be automatically linked to their account. This can happen through your FreeeUp affiliate link, through the referral question in our sign up process, or through your direct introduction to FreeeUp. Either way, you will get credited for all of your referrals!

Step 4: Get paid!

If you have a weekly invoice with FreeeUp, your referral credits will be directly subtracted each week. If you don't have a weekly invoice, you will be paid your referral earnings every 2 weeks. You can also keep track of your total referral earnings in the Affiliate tab of your FreeeUp account!

Start earning referral income today!

It's the easiest recurring money you'll earn.