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Chris Nyers from ProvenPackaging.com

“I had an awful experience outsourcing before. I spent hours recruiting, interviewing, and hiring online workers only to find that they would disappear days or weeks later.

A friend recommended FreeeUp as an alternative and I have been blown away by their service. Nathan explained how they take care of the interviewing, testing, and training so that I can stay focused on building my business.

I have hired three workers in the past few months and love their professionalism, communication, and quality of work. FreeeUp does a great job of training their workers before placing them into companies. Five stars for these guys.”

“I have great appreciation for FreeeUp’s unique value proposition.  While the majority of virtual assistant companies want you to hire their staff full time, FreeeUp neither requires nor pushes that.

Even more valuable to me is that FreeeUp’s workers are specialized, often pre-trained, and ready to go.  You don’t lose the normal time and resources waiting for recruiting, placement, and then spending time training someone who you may or may not like or who may or may not work out.  Your total investment and risk is greatly reduced.

Another distinct advantage is that FreeeUp doesn’t lock its clients into contracts.  You get a fully custom and targeted experience instead of expecting one person to have all of the necessary skills you require.

FreeeUp uses their initial intake process to assess your needs, then introduces you to pre-screened workers they suggest who will be the best fit. The majority of the assistants I’m working with are US based, yet at the same time I’m just as happy with the offshore workers for the duties they perform.

It is a perfect balance for my needs.

Tristan Swanwick from Swanwick LLC

“I’ve been working with Nathan Hirsch and the team at FreeeUp since the start of 2016. In that time, they have found me several virtual assistants and eCommerce specialists who have significantly helped me manage and advance my business.

I’ve been hugely impressed with Nathan and his team’s dedication to effective communication and commitment to cater to my requirements.

I highly recommend Nathan and the FreeeUp team.”

Tena Crock from The Step2 Company

“FreeeUp has been a huge asset to us as they’ve helped us better understand the Amazon landscape. Working with them will save any company a ton of time and create a more productive workforce.”
“I did not have a good experience with VA’s until I found FreeeUp. Now I don’t even need to think about it – I have work that needs to be done, and it gets done.

No recruiting, no applications, no interviews, no complicated billing – FreeeUp does all the dirty work for you. I just get the best, most experienced VA for each job.”

Aarvin Inderjeet from ShopFactoryDirect.com

“The service FreeeUp provides is far better than industry standard. Extremely personalized support with very little of your own time invested.

Within a day or two of contacting FreeeUp, we were provided with an excellent, very professional content writer within our budget. I can’t recommend them enough!”

Companies happily hiring with FreeeUp

Idan Shelly

Featured Client: Idan S.

Drop-shipping expert Idan S. speaks about his business, problems he faced, and how FreeeUp.com helped him take control of his time.

Executive Summary

Idan S. is the owner of an eBay and Amazon drop-shipping business. To save on time, he went on the hunt for freelancers. Idan quickly realized how tedious it can be to find freelancers, interview them, and then put them through the necessary training. Luckily, Nathan, the owner of FreeeUp.com, approached him and proposed a better solution.

The Problem

Before FreeeUp, Idan was handling everything in his business. While this gave him control over every aspect of his work, it left him drained and unable to spend time with his family or on business expansion efforts.
This is a very frustrating position to be in for an entrepreneur. Expansion is a necessary part of any business, and free time is a big part to any person's mental health. He knew he needed help, but even the process of finding workers proved to be a counter-intuitive process.

Nathan's Goals for Idan

Nathan is the brains of FreeeUp. He decides which freelancers to pair with which entrepreneurs. Nathan's goals for Idan were:
 To comfortably detach Idan from doing some of the work within his business.
 To pinpoint where Idan could use workers to free some time.
 To find suitable, well trained workers to assist Idan.

The Solution

After a bit of time working with Idan, Nathan found a few great workers for him. They cover a few different tasks, such as
 Checking inventory
 Looking after vendor websites
 Updating documents & Amazon
 Customer service
 Service management

The Outcome

We asked Idan how this helped alleviate his challenges. He told us that finding experienced workers was a big pain point for him. Nathan was able to find workers with the right experience level for the right amount of money, which saves time. And, in the words of Idan and many people before him, “time is money, and when you have time you can focus on things that matter.”

He went on to say that the main reason he chose FreeeUp is Nathan. He mentioned that Nathan always has an answer, and he's always there for him. “He's very client oriented,” Idan said. This was a big part in alleviating stress and pain points in Idan's business life. Feeling like you'll be taken care of and actually cared about is a big issue with a lot of entrepreneurs.

Idan's first worker took a few days to set up, but things are looking a bit different for him today. “Now it's faster,” Idan told us. “I asked Nathan for a worker recently, and he had one for me about an hour later.” FreeeUp is finding more and more skilled freelancers every week, so it's only going to continue to get faster as time goes on. Idan is currently up to 5 workers found and hired through FreeeUp. He uses a combination of US and non-US workers. That allows him to utilize a US-based project manager along with cheaper international workers. This cuts costs while remaining effective.

Questions and Answers with Idan

How is FreeeUp different than other alternatives you've used?

Experienced workers with scaling price points depending on needs is a great feature of FreeeUp. And having someone there to help me along the way is a big plus you don't get on other sites.

What is your favorite part about FreeeUp, and why?

Nathan and his team. They always have a solution for every problem. Whether I get a bad review on a product, or get suspended on Amazon – whatever the issue – I always have a consultant.

Tell me a bit about the most positive experience you've had using FreeeUp.

I had a big glitch in my inventory – I got orders for products at a big loss. I had to cancel many orders, contact the customers. It was a mess. The customer service manager I hired from FreeeUp really helped me get everything sorted. It was a relief.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend FreeeUp?

To FreeeUp your time! [Idan laughs]
All joking aside, time is money, and when you have time you can focus on the things that matter-
friends, family, expanding business, anything you want. Without automation, there isn't time to do all that. FreeeUp has experienced workers ready to automate your business.

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