The top 1% of online freelancers

Strong English, experienced, pre-vetted, communicative

Workers on the FreeeUp marketplace represent the top 1% of online freelancers in eCommerce, digital marketing, web development, and virtual assistance. Before entering the network, all freelancers are put through a unique 4 step interview and testing process.

Workers on the marketplace have years of experience, strong English skills, advanced expertise, and efficient communication methods.

The FreeeUp Interview & Testing Process

01 : Worker Application

Resume, portfolio, short answers, Internet speed test, typing test

All freelancers must submit a worker application to join the FreeeUp marketplace. Each application gathers information about the applicant's work history, skill sets, Internet speed reliability, past projects, and typing speed. Once submitted, the FreeeUp team reviews and makes a decision based off of our strict marketplace standards if they will be given a first interview.

02 : Interview for Skills Expertise

Review work experiences, skill specific scenarios from expert, review portfolio

Our internal hiring experts discuss the applicant's work history pinpointing the skill sets they have experience in. We ask skill specific questions and place the applicants in real life scenarios to see how advanced their knowledge is. Only the top freelancers who can exemplify their absolute expertise make it through to the second segment of the interview.

03 : Interview for the Right Attitude

Test for problem solving, communication, and work ethic

We test to make sure that workers on the FreeeUp marketplace are dedicated, ambitious, and hard-working professionals. We ask questions about how they solve problems, work with clients, and uphold strong communication. We take all three seriously so that our clients have as positive an experience as possible.

04 : Communication Guidelines Test

Must pass test: time off, emergencies, daily updates, using software, communication methods

The final step is introducing them to our 15+ page Marketplace Communication Guidelines. Each applicant is required to read the guidelines and pass a test on the marketplace's policies for working and communicating with clients. The test covers time off, vacation, emergencies, marketplace specific policies, how to use the software, daily updates, and much more. If they can't ace the test, they don't move on.


05 : Ongoing Monitoring

Making sure that all workers are following FreeeUp marketplace policies.

Each accepted applicant is monitored as they accept their first clients to ensure that all workers within the FreeeUp network are providing an exceptional service to their clients. Workers that are not following the marketplace guidelines will be re-evaluated and potentially removed from the network.

Companies Hiring with FreeeUp

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What to Expect from Workers on the FreeeUp Marketplace

First Come, First Serve

Availability varies unless locked into scheduled hours

We will introduce you to the best match in our network at the time you submit your Worker Request. Availability may vary over time due to other client requests. Once you book a worker for, let's say 5 hours, they will be dedicated to you for those hours, but we'll still be looking to fill their other available time.

Am I allowed to reserve a specific worker that I like?

The only way to reserve a worker is by booking them on a set schedule to work with you. In fairness to the worker's time, we cannot withhold worker hours from other clients if they are in demand and you are not yet ready to hire. With that said, we do our very best to keep workers with clients who love them.

3 Levels of Workers

Low Level Workers

Quick learning, some training required, day to day operations

> Doers and followers.
> Reliable, quick learning workers with skill set experience.
> Perfect for clients with systems and processes in place and seeking worker to follow instructions for operations.
> Some level of training required.

Mid Level Workers

Advanced experience, specialization, minimal training

> Specialized performers.
> Example: Mid level worker is experienced at listing on Amazon, but may not be able to run the entire account.
> Higher level of experience and require minimal training in skill set.


High level consultants, research, planning, execution

> Highest level of talent.
> First 1 to 2 hours billed are for discovery phase and creating a proposed action plan.
> When game plan approved, expert begins to take action.
> Act as a project manager to build team of low and mid level workers.

2 Options for Hiring Workers

Set Schedule

Follows a specific schedule, no minimums, locked in for assigned time

> Follows a set scheduled based off how many hours you want them to work.
> No minimums or maximums for this option.
> Worker is dedicated to you during the time period.
> If worker shows up for shifts and gets no work, they may seek other clients.

On Call

Start right away, get projects done quickly

> First come, first serve.
> Workers available quickly for projects.
> Workers cannot be on call at all times, but you can hire multiple workers so you have options.
> Example: You hire a Shopify developer to build your store. They finish the project. You need them 3 weeks later to make an upgrade. If you have 3 workers on your account, you can find one that is available!

All Workers Ask for Approval of Hours

Workers only bill hours when you have approved them

If there needs to be an increase in the hours billed, workers will ask for approval and only move forward once you've agreed.

What happens if a worker bills hours without my approval?

Before any work is completed, workers should provide estimates in writing. You are not responsible for any hours billed that you did not approve. We protect our clients so you don't receive invoices for hours you did not approve.

We always recommend speaking with your worker if you have any issues. If you are unable to solve it with them, we will get involved to fix the problem.

Listen to Our Happy Clients

Ben Cummings, Founder of eCommerce Fast Track Coaching

Damien Coughlan, Owner of

"I have had a great experience using FreeeUp. They are able to fill the gaps in our business while we are growing and don't need full time staff. The owner Nate is always available to discuss new requirements and needs. Look forward to using this service more as we expand."

Jay Morris, FreeeUp Client

"I've worked with several of the freelancers on FreeeUp and am very impressed. I was never able to get consistent web development and analytics service by hiring on my own, and was always worried I was hiring someone I couldn't trust. Nathan and his team are customer oriented and have delivered freelancers that go above and beyond. Thanks guys!"

Carey Gjokaj, FreeeUp Client

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