FreeeUp Worker Guidelines

Welcome to FreeeUp

Welcome to the FreeeUp Worker Guidelines! It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the ins and outs

of how we work and how you can excel as an online worker.

First and foremost, we exist as a company to provide the best possible experience for our clients. In order to achieve that mission, we have high expectations for our entire worker network and strive to provide our workers with all the tools necessary to excel.

These guidelines are created from our experience in the remote hiring world for the past 5+ years.

Our team has been on both sides of the coin as workers and clients so we know best what both

are looking for. The guidelines will teach you how we aim to treat our clients to ensure that they are happy with our service.

We take great pride in how our workers treat clients differently than other freelance platforms.

The guidelines serve as a foundation to the company brand that we are building centered around trust. We ask that you take the information provided seriously.


Why Work with FreeeUp


There are many benefits to working with us. Below are just a few that are the most valued by our current workers.


★ Gain multiple clients and potential long term opportunities. We find you the clients!

★ Earn your fair rate or higher since our clients are typically willing to pay more than the average client. They pay more because of these foundational guidelines!

★ Learn how to provide great service to your clients now and in the future.


How We Handle Upwork


Given our extensive experience on Upwork, new workers and clients continue to find us through the platform. Through our relationship with Upwork, we follow all of their payment and working policies ahead of our own. This applies most closely to workers hired and paid through Upwork. If you know of any Upwork policies that we don’t, let us know!    


How We Communicate within the Company

On Skype!


Skype is a great tool for internal company communication. We require that all workers have a

Skype account that can be used for working with FreeeUp clients and meets the following


➔ Is name appropriate. Make sure that the client knows who they are talking to!

◆ Here’s an A+ example: FreeeUp.Nhirsch3

➔ A professional photo. While we love to hear about your love for animals in group chats, please keep photos to a simple headshot of yourself.


Through Multiple Channels

Given the complexity of running an online business with workers and clients all over the world,

we make sure everyone can always be reached. Below are the basic channels that worker is responsible for.

➔ A working Skype account

➔ A part of the worker mailing list in MailChimp. Again, we’ll give you a link to sign up to receive weekly worker updates!

➔ A FreeeUp email address that is checked every day. We’ll also give you our unique

signature template so you look professional to all clients.

– This is what it should look like:

➔ A Whatsapp or Viber account. Your choice, but you must have one!  This account must be on your cell phone…not a computer.

➔ A working cell phone that you check regularly as well as an emergency phone number that we can reach you when needed.

➔ As an added bonus, it’s optional for you to join FreeeUp agency on Upwork. You can also become a member in the FreeeUp group Skype chats. We’ll add you to the chats once you’re a FreeeUp service provider.


What’s Expected of You

➔ We’ll contact you to ask about work availability and introduce you to FreeeUp clients.  We simply need you to communicate with us.

➔ For new work opportunities, you can get jobs faster by speaking up in group chats. Be the most communicative person on the team and watch your jobs go up, up, up!

➔ We expect that you’ll provide a response to our messages within 24 business hours. This is important to keep clients informed and the company organized. If you’ve given us advanced notice, we respect your request!

➔ The group Skype chat is key! We recommend you check it daily and that you review all posts. Important messages are communicated via the chat so it’s important for you to stay up to date!

➔ The same goes for emails.  Responsiveness is key.

➔ We need the correct contact information for you. If anything changes regarding your

phone, Skype, Viber, email,  please send an email with updates to

➔ Vice versa, you are expected to have contact information for the following people in case of emergencies! This includes a phone number, Viber/Whatsapp, email, and Skype ID.

◆ Nathan Hirsch

◆ The FreeeUp Assistants

◆ Clients

◆ Three (3) FreeeUp team members. If you’re new and don’t know anyone, ask someone from the team and we’ll introduce you!


How We Handle the Financials


How FreeeUp Makes Money

FreeeUp is a growing company constantly looking for new channels of revenue. Below is an outline to how FreeeUp works!

➔ We receive 15% of the client’s billing rate per hour with a minimum of $2.00 (USD)

per hour.

➔ We receive 15% on all flat rate projects.   FreeeUp is entitled to 15% of any additional bonuses, commissions or sum a client may provide to a worker through FreeeUp. 

➔ FreeeUp may go beyond the standard 15% mark up at its discretion while making sure that the worker gets the rate agreed upon in writing with FreeeUp. Similarly, FreeeUp sometimes lowers fees to secure a client or increases the rate to minimize risk.


Here’s a few examples so you can fully understand how the money flows. 

★ Example 1

○ Our client pays $20/hr for a worker hired through Upwork.

○ Upwork makes $2/hr worked

○ We make $2.70/hr worked

○ The worker makes $15.30/hr

★ Example 2

○ Our client pays $20.00/hr through PayPal with no fees.

○ We make $3.00/hr worked

○ The worker makes $17.00/hr worked

★ Example 3

○ Our client pays $20.00/hr and gets charged a PayPal fee.The client covers the fee.

○ We get $3.00/hr worked

○ The worker makes $17.00/hr worked



Here are three other important facts about our financials that you should understand.

  1. For scheduled work, workers support a 0.5 hours minimum billable hours per work event with non Upwork clients.

○ In this instance, if you begin work and the client lets you go after 20 minutes, you still bill the client for 0.5 hours. While it is communicated to all clients, please remind them before working small jobs.

○ In certain circumstances the minimum billable requirement may be waived


Worker’s Desired Rates

We’re not joking when we say that we exist to get you the rates that you want. It’s one of the

biggest perks we can offer our workers. All we ask is that you clearly communicate the


  • the rate that you want
  • your available schedule
  • your skills
  • other important information


Keep in mind that most clients won’t raise your rate once it’s been agreed upon unless your task changes. Since the rate for the services to be performed is specific to each job and must be agreed upon in writing by FreeeUp and the client prior to commencing any services, it’s key that you are honest with us upfront so we can negotiate the best rate.


We’re determined to be a network where all of our workers receive consistent work at their

desired rates, but we can’t achieve that without your communication. As with everything, communication is paramount to your success as a worker!


How We Bill Clients and Pay Workers


As mentioned above, if you found us through Upwork you are contracted and paid through Upwork. It’s what we do to keep our strategic partnership strong!


Billing Clients

You are required to bill clients for every meeting, task, and conversation that you have while working with them. Your pay is directly related to hours billed once a client has in selected you for hire.  Our clients know that this is the rule.


On Boarding Hours

The client must commit in writing to hire a worker before they can begin any on boarding. Our clients know that this is the rule.  Per our agreement with clients, clients are billed for all on boarding hours.


Worker Billing Periods

Billing periods starts on Wednesdays and ends on Tuesdays. At the end of every billing period, the

FreeeUp account will automatically count and invoice the logged work hours of each worker

For each client. It is important that you review your timecard to ensure that your logged hours are accurate. We will notify you of concerns we or the clients find in your logged hours. Submit adjustments if necessary before Wednesday, 12 midnight EST.


We submit payment to our workers within ten days of the last day of the client billing period, usually by midnight (U.S. Eastern Time) Thursday (1 week after the previous billing period)! Payment is based off of the hours in the worker’s account. It is important that your FreeeUp account hours are accurate for the past client billing period! All payments made each Thursday will account for the work logged in the previous week from Wednesday through Tuesday.  FreeeUp offers different payment options. Contact


Transaction and Currency Fees

You are responsible for all transaction (including Upwork fees if applicable) and currency fees/rates.


Our FreeeUp Account

We have an awesome, custom-built FreeeUp Account that all workers and clients use to record hours, make adjustments and perform a number of other fun tasks! There is a help section within the account where you will learn everything you need to know.


How We Interact and Communicate with our Clients – The FreeeUp Way


Providing our clients with a high quality and consistent experience regardless of the worker is a

key part of our mission as a company. Through our experience, we have found that simple things like introductions, scheduling, on boarding, and communication after being hired can make or break a freelancer’s opportunity. In this next section, we’ll teach you the best practices that we have learned over the past 5 years.


Meeting a New Client

Once we’ve found you a potential match for a client, we’ll get you connected to the client

through email. When meeting a new client, we highly encourage you to incorporate the

following steps into your first interaction and email exchange. Following this method will make for a great first impression!


Our Magical Method

1) Ask the client how they want to be addressed

2) Introduce yourself

3) Exchange contact information

4) Share your schedule

5) Answer any questions from the client

6) Set up a on boarding session


Introducing Yourself

Answering the question, “Tell me about you,” can be tough! We find it most useful to prepare a 3 to 5 sentence elevator pitch that you can share with all of your new clients. The elevator pitch tells the client a little bit about yourself, shines a light on your experience, and highlights your main skill sets. We’ve provided an example below and we’re also happy to help you craft your own if it’s your first time!


Sample Elevator Pitch

Hey! My name is John Smith. I’m 27 years old and from New York City. I’ve been working in the eCommerce industry as a social media manager for the past 2 years. Before social media, I was a freelance writer working to create product content for a handful of companies. I’m really excited to be a part of your team. I strive to communicate as often as possible and am open to any suggestions that you have for the specific tasks. I’m looking forward to learning more about your company and working to grow it together. 

Some introductions may take up to 15 minutes, especially if a new client is unsure about accepting you. Take the time to tell the client why they should hire you, what your qualifications are, and how you can help their business. With that information, the client will be able to make an informed decision!


Getting Hired

Remember that the client needs to confirm, in writing, with FreeeUp that is accepting you writing before you start looking into work or beginning your on boarding, consulting, work or task.  The client must be added to your FreeeUp account before you can start the work/ billing hours.  Remember all work must be billed for.


If they are eager to move forward, politely remind them that the next step is to contact FreeeUp about accepting you. This will avoid any confusion :).  Some clients will meet workers before a payment method is on file so it is important that you make sure the client contacts FreeeUp before you start any work. 


Finally, we do our best to only connect workers with clients that are ready to hire, but some new clients insist on meeting you before actually hiring. Entertain and impress them!


Exchanging Contact Information

As if you haven’t heard it enough, being able to seamlessly communicate with the client is

vital. After introducing yourself to a new client and entertaining some small talk, ask to

exchange contact information. We recommend having a document on your computer that you

can easily send to them with all of your contact information. This will make it easy for them to

save it and not lose it. Below is the contact information that you should share:

❖ Email address

❖ Skype ID (if they don’t already have it)

❖ Viber or Whatsapp number


It’s important to the health of your relationship with the client that they are able to communicate with you at all times. Failing to do so can lead to the client losing trust in our workers and ultimately terminating the relationship. I don’t think any of us want that to happen.


Sharing your Schedule

Now that the client knows a little bit about you and how to contact you, it’s time to talk about

your schedule with them. To make the conversation as simple as possible for the client, begin by sharing your normal work schedule. This includes:


❖ The number of hours you can work for them per week

❖ The time zone you are in

❖ The normal hours that you are on Skype

❖ The days that you are not available

❖ Any vacations coming up in the next 3 months

❖ Life events that could interfere with work within the next 30 days. This might be holidays, weddings, and anything else that you could imagine!          


Once the client has read through your schedule, make sure to ask them which timezone they are located in for your own reference. If the client doesn’t initiate a conversation after reading your schedule, simply ask if this will work for them! From there, you can figure out the best move forward.


Answering Questions from the Client

Throughout the first conversation, the client may ask questions specific to the information that

you share. Before setting up an on boarding session, you want to make sure that all of their questions have been answered. Simply ask the client if they have any questions or concerns before moving forward. If you are able to answer the questions, go right ahead. If you think that they’ll be something better handled by us, just let us know!


Setting Up an On Boarding Session

The ultimate goal of the first meeting with a new client is to schedule an on boarding session as soon

as possible.


In some situations, clients may want to start on boarding right after your introduction. Other times,

they will want to schedule a time in the near future.


When you reach this point in the conversation, simply put the ball in their court. Ask them when is the best time to schedule an on boarding session then place it in your calendar so you are prompt to the meeting. Always remember to communicate with the client in their time zone to avoid any confusion.


Talking about your Pay with Clients

When talking to a client, it’s always inappropriate to talk about your pay rate. That’s what we are here for, remember? Whether you are thinking of initiating a discussion about your pay or the client starts one by asking you a question, it’s always best to let us handle it.


If you ever feel that the client could benefit from more of our services, you’re more than welcome to tell them or us about it. When you approach the topic of the cost, simply refer them to speak with Nate!


During On Boarding

The on boarding session is your opportunity to impress the client and convince them to work with you longterm. We do our best to put you in situations where you will thrive so don’t feel pressured by the on boarding session. Below are a few tips to making the best of your initial on boarding session.

➔ Ask the client about their business. Showing interest and excitement is great!

➔ Learn why you are doing the task. How does the task help the bigger picture goals of the business?

➔ Ask about the client’s expectations for your task. How much should you be completing in a given hour?

➔ Ask what is most important to the client.

➔ Ask clear questions on anything you are unsure about with the task. There are no stupid questions when on boarding with a client!


We’ve found that creating a simple step-by-step on boarding guide after finishing the session can

make you more efficient as a worker. We highly recommend that you take 15 to 20

minutes after each on boarding session to create your own guide. With that guide, you’ll be able to answer your own questions and provide a seamless transition for another worker to step in if you become unavailable. Our last piece of advice is to conduct on boarding through Skype chat so that you have a log of messages to refer to when necessary.


After Being Hired By A Client

Once you’ve impressed a client and they’re ready to hire you, the next step is to create a work

schedule that you can begin to follow.  Our most effective workers do this at the onset. If you’re hired for a job that is performed on call, politely ask the client when they’ll be most likely to call you on to work.


What’s Expected of You Once Hired by a Client


Now that you’re a hired worker through one of our clients, you are a direct representation of the company’s image. We expect you to take all client jobs seriously to and treat all clients with

utmost respect. To guide you on your path, we’ve provided you with a snapshot of how the best workers conduct themselves with clients. Read carefully!



Using Skype with Clients

The best workers are always in communication with clients. They post regularly on Skype providing updates during each work session.


They also communicate with clients via Skype at the end of their work session to keep them in the loop with progress on the task, including a summary of the work completed during the work session and any problems that you encountered


Important: If one of your clients doesn’t use Skype, you should still send a daily update via email to the client at the end of every task.


Clients like updates on their worker’s hours because it justifies the time that they are investing

into that project.


Our best workers also keep their conversations with clients focused on the tasks at hand. While

we highly encourage personal conversations within our worker network and with us, having

unprofessional chats with clients can detract from the job being completed.


For Upwork Clients, Check your Screenshots

If you’ve been hired via Upwork, remember that clients can see screenshots of your work! At the end of each day, take 5 minutes to simply review our screenshots and delete any that appear unprofessional.


Ask for Feedback

The best workers understand that feedback is key to mastering a specific skill or task. We highly encourage our workers to ask for feedback on a daily basis, sometimes even multiple times in a day when first starting. Asking for feedback demonstrates that you are eager to learn and that you want to perform the task correctly.


When the time is right, simply ask the client how you are doing and how you can further

improve with the services. Find out if you could be faster and if they have any tips to help. The last situation you want to happen is to work for a new client for 20 hours without asking for feedback and then find out you were doing it all wrong. That frustrates you, the client, and us. A triple whammy! Don’t be that worker.


Don’t Share Proprietary Information

When working with FreeeUp, you are exposed to certain sensitive and protected information exclusive to FreeeUp and its clients. This is information that no one wants getting shared with others.


As set forth in the Confidentiality and Non-Solicitation Agreement, this information is only to be shared as provided in that agreement.   This obligation continues even if your relationship with FreeeUp, client or third party ends.



Share Miscommunications with Us

Given the global scale of FreeeUp, there may be a time where communication can be challenging with a client. If you run into a situation where you can’t fully understand what the client is attempting to communicate, shoot Nate an email. He’ll get in touch with the client and figure out the miscommunication.


Speaking in clear and concise language is the best way to avoid confusion and make sure that both parties are on the same page.


Practice Professionalism

It should go without saying, but we expect all of our workers to be professional when interacting with clients. Being professional leads to a better experience for the client and makes them view FreeeUp as a trustworthy source for their needs. When you know a lot about the task, carry yourself as an expert so that the client continues to feel that they are hiring amazing workers.


Be on Time

Being on time is one of the easiest ways to impress a client.  In instances where clients request a worker to start working at a set time the worker is expected to be ready to work at that time.


Making this a habit early in your professional career will impress those around you and place you at the top of your cohort. Take your schedule seriously and strive to never be late.


Only Accept Projects you Can Fulfill


We sign up new clients every day and connect workers with projects based off of their skills and expertise. While we do our best to make perfect matches, it does not happen 100% of the time.


Our best workers understand that they must evaluate each position that they are offered to make sure they can deliver exactly what the client wants. Likewise, we expect that you only accept projects where you can achieve the client’s goal. If it’s not a perfect match, it’s okay to decline a project. In order to decline a project, please tell FreeeUp…do not communicate it to the client.


Read our Weekly Worker Newsletters

As an ongoing effort to maintain strong communication with our workers, we publish and disperse a newsletter every Tuesday that gives updates on the past week with FreeeUp.

Highlights can include the number of total hours booked, updates on internal projects, and new

on boarding videos available for viewing.


Our best workers read the entire newsletter each week and ask questions on areas where they

want to learn more. We’re an open door always looking for feedback from our team. Don’t miss out!


Use the FreeeUp Account Correctly

We’ve built a customized FreeeUp time tracking account specific to the needs of our workers and clients to optimize the time tracking process. As a worker, you have the ability to track your time for each client using the company account.


Our best workers know the ins and outs of their account and use it correctly every week. They are honest and accurate with their hours only completing the hours by themselves. When they clock in, they only complete tasks for the given client they are clocked in for. If they are not working directly for a client, they are not clocked in. And when they are away from the computer or taking a break, they make sure to punch out from the account.


You can become a master at using the account by navigating to the Help section once you are

logged in. You’ll find everything that you need to know!


Why Have Conduct Agreements in our Contract?

As you’ve read, we are a company focused on providing the best possible experience for both

workers and clients. In order to protect the brand that we are creating through our high

quality service, we have a select number of operational policies that we hold our workers to.


Some samples of conduct and/or omissions that could result in FreeeUp exercising its rights under the Independent Contractor Agreement are contained within that agreement. We do not want to have to exercise the penalties associated with these limited policies, but we must have them in place.


International Workers

Workers performing services outside of the U.S. at the time of executing this Agreement must provide prior written notice to FreeeUp of an intent to perform services within the U.S. Performing services from within the U.S. without the express written consent of FreeeUp to do so is prohibited. This includes without limitation any temporary travel to the U.S.


Communicate if you Lose Internet or Power While Working With a Client

We understand that there are natural occurrences outside of our control that may stop workers

from completing their tasks. With workers all over the globe, there’s bound to be an Internet

surge or power outing while our workers are scheduled to be with a client.


Our best workers take the proper measures to ensure that they communicate their issue to us and do everything in their power to get back online. Below is how we encourage our workers to handle such situations:

  1. Use your backup Internet. We encourage all workers to have a backup Internet source such as a broadband stick.
  2. Go to a friend or family member’s house who has stable Internet and work from there until the Internet in your house is repaired.
  3. Contact FreeeUp, Nate, his assistants and the client right away to explain the situation. For these types of situations, do not stop communicating until you have reached someone.
  • Remember the best FreeeUp workers have strong internet and power at all times including backups.


Client and Worker Referrals

As a FreeeUp worker, you have the ability to earn referral bonuses for client and worker that you recommend to join the FreeeUp network. For all clients that sign up, you will receive $0.50 for every hour that the client bills with FreeeUp. For all workers that make it through the interview process, you will receive $0.25 for every hour that they work through FreeeUp.


For referring clients there is an affiliate link inside your FreeeUp account that they send out to potential clients.  For any client that signs up using this link, you are eligible to receive referral credit subject to the terms provided herein.  You can also introduce potential clients to the internal FreeeUp team as another option.  To refer a prospective worker, the prospective worker needs to mention your name while applying to  There is no worker affiliate link since prospective workers need to be interviewed before being added to the network.


All payments are based on the hour logged in the FreeeUp Account.  All referrals are tracked through the FreeeUp Sign Up and Interview process. All referrals are to be provided to FreeeUp through written notice.  A failure to provide written notice may result in not receiving credit.  This is an exclusive responsibility of the referring party. If you made a referral and you don’t believe you are being compensated for it, please inform and it will be handled.


Contract Termination

FreeeUp holds the right to terminate workers at any time and for any reason including a violation FreeeUp policies. Termination provisions, procedures and obligations are set forth in, and governed by, your Independent Contractor Agreement.


Contract Termination

As part of my Independent Contractor Agreement I have read and agree to the FreeeUp Worker Guidelines. 



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