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"What I love most about FreeeUp is that I don't need to spend the time to interview and train a new person for each new position. Instead, I can deal with one point person who directs me to a well-trained, pre-vetted worker who is already an expert in their respective field."
-- Ian Drogin

"I found FreeeUp and have now happily hired 7 workers to help with my inventory, listing, customer care, and data entry. I’ve developed an amazing relationship with Nate and will continue to contact him when I need new workers."
-- Idan S., Owner of Shopping Experts

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"I created FreeeUp as the company I wish I had for the past 7 years while hiring. I always wished I could avoid job boards, submit requests for workers, and be introduced within hours. We're now bringing that to the eCommerce industry."

Nathan Hirsch
CEO of FreeeUp

About Nathan

7+ years selling in eCommerce

$20 million+ sold online

200+ remote workers hired for online stores.

Featured on leading podcasts like the Private Label Podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire, and Startup Bros!

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Data entry
Lead generation
Product sourcing
Blog articles
Product Content
Content Branding
Project Manager
Virtual Assistant

Keyword research
Account management
Product listing
Amazon experts
eBay experts
eCommerce SEO
PPC campaigns
Customer service
Phone Support
Brand protection

Social media management
Keyword research
Google Adwords
FB ads
Graphic design
Website conversions
Video editing