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Learn the 10 Most Common Mistakes of Remote Hiring

Have you ever wanted to hire a remote worker? Or learn the secrets to managing your remote workers?

Our founders, Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan, have been recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and managing online workers for over 5 years. They built their first Amazon business to over $7 million in yearly sales with a team of over 30 remote workers.
They continue to use remote workers to grow FreeeUp and help others hire reliable freelancers in eCommerce.

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Sneak Peak

Mistake #1: Not Knowing What to Outsource

Learn to organize your remote hiring efforts so that you don't waste time with the wrong applicants.

Mistake #2: Not Having an Organized Interview

Learn how to create your own unique remote hiring interview process so that you are targeting the best possible worker for your business.

Mistake #3: Hiring the Cheapest Workers

Learn about the flaws of the cheapest remote workers and how you can avoid the initial appeal of a low hourly rate.

Mistake #4: Not Setting Clear Expectations

Learn to create and communicate clear expectations for your remote workers. You have to remember that remote workers have tens of clients each year so it is important that you set your own standards.

Mistake #5: Not Diversifying your Workers

Learn the importance of hiring individual workers to specialize within specific areas of your business. You don't want one remote worker that can do everything decently. It creates too much dependency on that individual.

Mistake #6: Failing to Properly Train your Workers

If you hire the right remote worker, they should already have experience with the task, but it's up to you to properly train them on how exactly to perform the role. Proper training upfront can avoid headaches in the long run.

Mistake #7: Not Cross Training in Free Time

Learn how to effectively cross train your remote workers so that they are interchangeable. You don't want to be stuck in a situation where one worker is the only one that can perform a given set of tasks.

Mistake #8: Not Fully Integrating your Workers

Online workers want to be a part of the team working towards a greater purpose. Learn what online workers care most about so you can get them included and motivated.

Mistake #9: Not Listening to Ideas and Feedback

If you listen, remote workers can significantly contribute to the growth of your operations. Learn how to engage your remote workers for new ideas and feedback on your current systems and processes.

Mistake #10: Not Allowing your Workers to Grow

Just like in-house workers, remote workers want opportunities for growth. If they've mastered one task, why not teach them another? We'll explore the best ways to help your remote workers grow.

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