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The advancement of information technology has paved the way for brands to easily reach their target market. Modern day shoppers are consumed by the power of social media. They turn to ecommerce influencers to help decide what products and services to buy that will match their unique lifestyles. Through influencer marketing, businesses are able to engage and accumulate loyal followers over digital media channels.

What Makes An Influencer?

Just about anyone can be an influencer. What we mean by anyone is a regular person who can amass a large following. Unlike traditional celebrities and TV personalities who become famous through exposure on television or radio, the modern influencer builds fame through the content they produce and share. They have higher than average impact in the industry where they operate, so people continue to follow them.

Businesses look for ecommerce influencers who are well affiliated with relevant social media platforms, online communities, and associations. Their connections with industry-specific groups benefit companies who want to establish their brands in the marketplace through increasing brand awareness.

These influencers are the trend-setters in an industry. They have the power to sway the buying decisions of your market.

Your goal is to get them to approve and support your brand or product.


Got Twitter? Follow These 25 Ecommerce Influencers Today!

Running your first online store is quite challenging. Even if you have done retail before, the ecommerce scene is different. You need an extensive range of knowledge to handle all aspects of your business.

Most of the time, you will find yourself Googling through the internet. You keep searching for answers whenever a grueling question pops up. To make your work easier, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the most sought-after ecommerce influencers that you can follow on social media in 2019.

1. Andrew Youderian

@youderian is the founder of The Ecommerce Fuel. It is a private community that nurtures high-income store owners earning six to seven figures. He became an established ecommerce influencer through social media, blogging, and doing podcasts. He has a large following on Twitter mainly because of the quality articles and insights he shares about adding value to any business regardless of its size and age.

2. Steve Chou

@mywifequit has one of the most successful stories in running an ecommerce business. He and his wife started an events specialty store online, Bumblebee Linens, back in 2007. After a successful run of their first family business, Steve created a website MyWifeQuitHerJob. This is where he began sharing their wonderful experience with other aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs. From productivity tooltips to first-hand insights, Steve has a lot in store for the newbies in the industry.

3. Connor Gillivan

@ConnorGillivan is the CMO of one of the leading freelance global platforms for ecommerce businesses. His first ecommerce business, Portlight, started on the Amazon marketplace when he was just 20 years old. He felt the challenges of business owners in managing an effective workforce to get a business running 24/7. Together with his long-time friend and business partner, Nathan Hirsch, they created a better solution to the online hiring of remote talent from all over the world through FreeeUp. Connor manages his own site and writes for the FreeeUp blog. The blog includes mostly Business Tips for clients to leverage their business with the help of remote freelancers.

4. Drew Sanocki

After selling his ecommerce company, DesignPublic, @drewsanocki became a well known ecommerce influencer. He shares growth hacks for big ecommerce CEOs through Twitter and his own website, Nerd Marketing Blog. His insights, podcasts, reviews, and reports are helpful to business owners who want to grow BIG in the industry.

5. Richard Lazazzera

Entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their journey can follow @RichardABLS to get awesome advice. Richard is the founder of A Better Lemonade Stand. He is an expert in ecommerce tools, accounting, and leveraging social media to drive traffic to your store and start boosting your sales.

6. Nathan Huppatz

@huppy is the co-founder of a popular online store based in Australia. People of all ages can find all kinds of costumes for special events all year round. His years of experience in shipping to customers across the globe inspired his new venture, ReadytoShip, which is a B2B tool that helps merchants automate the shipping process of their ecommerce stores. Nathan is one of the better known retail and ecommerce influencers in his home country.

7. Nathan Hirsch

Here’s another Nathan on our list! @realNateHirsch is the CEO of FreeeUp, one of the hottest platforms for ecommerce businesses to hire top remote talent. Apart from managing hundreds of freelancers remotely, Nate also does podcasts. He loves to engage with fellow ecommerce entrepreneurs to teach them how to take advantage of remote resources. Together with FreeeUp freelancers, he helps clients drive their business to success. He makes himself available for consultation on the FreeeUp website for clients who are looking to improve the way they hire for their businesses.

8. Zia Daniell Wigder

You must have heard of Shoptalk before. @zdwigder is the Senior VP and Head of Content of the industry’s best retail and ecommerce events site. Shoptalk has gotten so big over the years. Being one of the leaders of this organization proves that Zia is definitely one of the leading ecommerce influencers today.

9. Tracey Wallace

They say content is KING and @tracewall of BigCommerce is the biggest contributor of the popular website. He is one of the top resources for ecommerce enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. As the Editor-In-Chief, Tracey produces well-researched, high-quality, and relevant content about anything and everything related to ecommerce.

10. Pat Flynn

@patflynn is the ecommerce genius who made an empire by generating passive income through blogging. Imagine reaching a multi-million revenue level after getting fired from his office job. Because of his expertise in social media, SEO, and motivating fellow ecommerce entrepreneurs, he has become one of the most regarded influencers in the industry.

11. Tim Peter

Starting out way back in ‘95, @tcpeter is considered one of the pioneers in the ecommerce industry. He founded Tim Peter & Associates, a consulting firm that analyzes and creates strategies for businesses to help reach their full potential.

12. Marsha Collier

@MarshaCollier is a Forbes Top 10 Furturist author and ecommerce expert. She has published at least 40 awesome books! One of her best sellers is the book “The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide: How to Connect with your Customers to Sell More”. Apart from sharing her industry insights through print, Marsha also does podcasts and writes online blogs to guide businesses to success.

13. Peep Laja

@peeplaja is your go-to expert if you need effective advice on maximizing your conversions. Founder of the CXL, Peep is the king of conversion optimization. His Twitter has all the goods to grow your ecommerce business and be more profitable.

14. Hilmi Saaid

@hilmisaaid, CEO of TopClickz, specializes in social media and branding. He shares tips and tricks on how to optimize your content using the latest SEO trends and algorithms. He also has an awesome strategy for designing your websites and logos to build a name for your business.

15. Rachel Greer

If you are an Amazon merchant or planning to sell there, you have to follow @rachelagreer on Twitter. Rachel creates and shares a wide range of posts, articles, and webinars. She will help you discover the best practices when it comes to selling with the ecommerce giant.

16. John W Hayes

Email marketing is a method that every ecommerce business needs to have. iContact marketing strategist @john_w_hayes specializes in B2B and B2C marketing. John is the author of the book, “Becoming an Expert,” and contributes articles related to building a decisive marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes.

17. Shep Hyken

New York Times bestselling author, @Hyken, is the expert when it comes to providing the ultimate customer experience. As a keynote speaker, he emphasizes the importance of the process of how you solve consumer problems to create loyal brand customers.

18. Alan Storm

If your ecommerce platform is run on Magento, our guy here is the right person to follow. @alanstorm, author of “No Frills Magento Layout,” is the ecommerce influencer expert in Magento web design. He is also the creator of Commerce Bug and one of the owners at Pulse Storm LLC.

19. Dan Barker

@danbarker started as a software developer. After working with ecommerce companies, he moved into marketing and ecommerce roles. Eventually, he became one of the experts in the industry. Dan is a freelance digital marketing consultant who runs his own site. Followers and visitors of his website get to read about his wide expertise in the field of ecommerce.

20. Sarah Carroll

If you want to be a successful company, you should dream big and go global. @growglobal is your best resource person when it comes to going global with your ecommerce store. Sarah mostly shares about global ecommerce trends including the factors that affect it.

21.Dustin W. Stout

Social media is a powerful tool in marketing for ecommerce businesses. Lucky for us, we have @DustinWStout to help us use our social channels better. According to Dustin, visual content is more likely to get views, likes, and shares compared to other types of content. Visit his Twitter to know more!

22. Sean Work

If your goal is to be on top of the first page of search engines like Google and Bing, you need to follow @seanvwork on Twitter. SEO link building and blogging are two of his many areas of expertise. His journey is quite interesting and is proof that he is one of the most successful ecommerce influencers out there today.

23. Amy Porterfield

@amyporterfield runs relevant and effective podcasts that every ecommerce entrepreneur and enthusiast should listen to. Amy also co-authored a book entitled, “Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies.” It is definitely a must-read for newbies!

24. Ron Sela

@ronsela focuses on growing your audience through Twitter. Ron has 3 essential tips to leverage your social media channels. Engage with your followers, build trust towards your brand, and provide top-tier customer service. When you do all of these, you deliver a WOW-worthy overall experience for your market.

25. Chad Rubin

Ever heard of Skubana? Chad Rubin (@itschadrubin) is the founder of this awesome multi-channel inventory management software. Skubana proves to be very helpful for automating ecommerce businesses. Chad is an all-around ecommerce expert and you can easily get hold of him through Twitter and his Vlog channel on YouTube.


Use Influencer Marketing to Boost Sales

If you want to stay relevant in the ecommerce market, you must build and sustain your social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn — name it and we’re sure your customers have it! Social media has become an indispensable tool for businesses to build trust and establish relationship with consumers.

Just last year, a whopping 3.196 billion people were recorded as using social media. They were observed to have spent at least 6 hours of their time on the internet every day.

Internet access continues to spread across the globe, so imagine how, in the years to come, different devices with internet access available to everyone, everywhere. We are talking about the next billions of connections and opportunities in the future for your business.

This is why you need to take advantage of influencer marketing as early as now.

Here’s a quick guide to the influencer marketing process:

Identify your consumers. Study their demographics and buying patterns to develop a buyer persona for your brand.

Look for key ecommerce influencers.  Find someone who is capable of persuading customers and fellow influencers.

Build a relationship with influencers in your industry. Develop a bond with people who trust your brand and believe in your mission and vision.

Develop a marketing strategy. Build a good foundation of leads as your brand keeps being recommended by the most trustworthy figures in your industry.

Ecommerce Influencers boost sales

Start This Year Right!

Ultimately, you will need a helping hand. Luckily, we have the internet. The web is filled with experts willing to assist you every step of the way. There are a lot of ecommerce influencers out there. You just need to find the right person for your market.

Invest your time in following the ecommerce influencers that best suit your business, whether they are on our list or you found them somewhere else online. Bank on the learnings of these ecommerce experts to gain tips, tricks, and quantifiable insights that will impact the way you sell your brand.

In a few years’ time, your name might just be on the list next to theirs. Who knows? So go ahead and start a new online venture, grow your business, and share your experience so others may succeed too.