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Ready to make your first remote contractor hire on the FreeeUp Marketplace? Congratulations!

Outsourcing parts of your business to online workers is a savvy business decision that will allow you to focus your precious time and energy on growth and profits. While it may seem like a daunting task, FreeeUp actually makes the process smooth and painless. Rather than wasting tons of time in the traditional hiring process, you can instead be up and running with a qualified worker in as little as a day. It takes very little time on your part to identify and get started with the perfect virtual worker.

This blog post will walk you through the 5 easy steps to make your first remote contractor hire through the FreeeUp marketplace, even if you have never seen the site before.

Sign Up Form and Contract

FreeeUp strives to make the process of hiring online workers streamlined and efficient. After all, the founders of FreeeUp are all too familiar with how valuable your time is as a small business owner. That is why they opened the marketplace to begin with! They want to make it easy and pain free to make your first remote contractor hire through their system. The first step in the process is to simply sign up. When you sign up for an account, you will be asked some basic information to begin with. You will set up your own password and be given the option to opt into the FreeeUp newsletter (which is the best way to stay up to date on all of the important information regarding the marketplace). Once you create an account, you will be asked to agree and sign a marketplace contract. The contract is in place to ensure all parties are on the same page regarding rules and regulations, payments and standard practices.

You will also be asked to add a payment method to your account. This payment method will be used to pay online workers each week. FreeeUp wants to make payments easy on you too so they accept a variety of different payment methods including ACH, credit card, and Paypal.

Access and Set Up Your Account

Once you create your account and log in, you can start right away by requesting the exact worker you need. The FreeeUp marketplace is full of online workers who specialize in a wide variety of skills including eCommerce experts, content creators, graphic designers, web developers, Facebook ad specialists and many more.

All you have to do is submit a worker request directly from your FreeeUp account. You will be able to dictate what skill set you require along with any personal preferences and requests. The form is simple and only takes moments to complete and submit.

After you submit a worker request, the details of your request will be sent to the pre-vetted network of online workers. Workers with the exact skill set you desire who match the conditions you requested will send their interest to FreeeUp. From there, FreeeUp will choose the worker who is suited best and make an introduction.

Introduction to the Worker

When you make your first remote contractor hire, you may be wary of whether or not the person is legitimately skilled and able to help you grow your business. FreeeUp resolves that worry by thoroughly pre-vetting every candidate through a 4-step interview process and only offering positions to those specifically qualified. In addition, you will have the opportunity to interview the worker for free and decide for yourself.

FreeeUp will find a well suited worker that fits your worker request and make an initial introduction through both email and your FreeeUp account. You will be able to read about the worker and see their pay rate. At no cost to you, you will be able to interview the potential candidate for 10-15 minutes if you choose. You may also communicate by email. If you are not satisfied with the worker, simply request a new one through your account and the process will begin again.

Hire the Worker

After the initial introduction and optional interview are complete, all that is left to do is officially hire the new worker or request a new one. If you are satisfied with the worker that has been chosen for you, you can start right away by hiring him. And as always – doing so is as simple as clicking a button. By clicking the hire button, you add the worker to your account so that he or she can begin work and log hours.

Now, all that is left is getting started!

Get Started

Now that you have found and hired the perfect online contractor for your needs, work can begin right away. You will be able to manage workers directly on the FreeeUp platform through your account. You will be able to track all hours recorded on a daily and weekly basis and view notes from workers on what was accomplished while they were working. All hours will be approved by you each week prior to payment processing.

Communication is a key attribute to your relationship with the remote worker. Be sure to set up communication channels such as Skype, email, Viber, WhatsApp, phone and text.

If for some reason the worker quits or can no longer manage your workload, you will be introduced to a new worker from the FreeeUp marketplace quickly in order to minimize disruptions. You have the ability to request a new worker at any time if you are not satisfied with the quality of work, personality or timeliness of a worker.

FreeeUp is also known for their great customer service so never hesitate to reach out with any issues or clarification needed. You can also browse the FAQ section of our website to get answers to commonly asked questions, and our blog is full of helpful content for the business owner looking to outsource work to grow their businesses. We are here to help make you successful.

Make Your First Remote Contractor Hire Today

Making your first remote contractor hire is simple and straightforward when you use the FreeeUp marketplace to keep you and your business moving forward. Rather than wasting time posting project details and interviewing hundreds of potentially unreliable applicants, follow these simple steps and build your online group with skilled and reliable workers.

FreeeUp works with you in mind. Our goal is to provide a solution to the needs of your growing business and help make your dreams a reality by freeing up your time and helping your business grow.


writer Melissa Ricker


Melissa Ricker is a nuclear engineer and a professional freelance writer specializing in career growth, technical writing and online entrepreneurship. She writes a blog, Engineered Motherhood, for working mothers who need help balancing career growth and time management. 



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