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Many are the entrepreneurs and new business owners who feel too overwhelmed to complete everything they need to do for their business to continue to be successful.

If you’re one of these founders and you understand the full potential of your company, then you realize in order for your business to see growth, your company must grow as well. This means allowing different experts who hold experience in certain areas to hold the reins of your company.

I realize it is difficult to give up certain tasks within your business you feel responsible for, however, if you are considering significant growth, you should think about hiring online freelancers to help you achieve your business goals.

In order to do this, you must refrain from just jumping into the mix without any strategy or knowledge of what you want to accomplish. This is why I’ve created some easy and manageable tips you can use to begin hiring online freelancers and growing your company.

Identify the Tasks Within Your Business

It’s crucial to understand each task and every responsibility which makes your business run smoothly and always stay productive.

A business owner can sometimes get lost in the mix of doing things over and over throughout the day and week and not realize the little steps they are taking to make it more efficient. It just comes natural to you to understand what you’re doing.

However, you should begin making a list of duties in which you perform daily/weekly in order to explain these tasks to someone who you will be hiring online later. Know your company and the responsibilities you are assigned with in order to find the correct person for the task when the time comes.

Determine Which Tasks To Take Off Your Plate First

First and foremost, if you want to grow your company, you have to let go of some menial tasks in which you can delegate to someone else.

Start by determining which tasks are the least relevant for yourself to complete in the beginning. What responsibilities could you hand over to an online freelancer that could still mean productivity?

Usually it’s the one’s with the least importance and the highest time ratio. Start a list of these tasks and identify them so you can have a launching point to begin hiring online freelancers for your company.

For example, you may want to think about these tasks to delegate to freelancers.

#1. Repetitive Tasks

If you find yourself needing to do something over and over again within your business, this should be one of the top responsibilities to go away for you. Think about it this way, if you’re wanting your business to grow, you don’t have time to keep doing something over and over again.

#2. Low Skill Level

While you may not be thinking about this at all, you are the founder of this company and it doesn’t make sense for you to be loading up your social accounts with posts daily. In fact, you shouldn’t even be paying expert level freelancers to be doing this work. If you’re thinking about hiring online, think about the low skill level tasks which take up your time.

#3. New Strategies/Ideas

On the opposite side of the spectrum from the low skill level tasks are the new strategies your business should consistently be producing. Again, you don’t have time to sit down and figure these new strategies out yourself. Hiring online experts who do this sort of work daily is your best bet.

Determine Your Hiring Budget

Knowing the possibility of even more growth is imminent for your business, it’s easy to get excited about hiring online freelancers quickly so you can get on with everything.

Don’t fall prey to this trap.

Know your budget. Know exactly how much money your company is able to spend on a weekly basis before you begin looking for a specific expert. While most freelancers come at a standard rate, the more expertise a remote freelancer holds, the bigger your company budget should be for hiring this expert.

Don’t shortchange yourself or freelancers, either. Instead of spending too much money for an “expert”, you may think it wise to hire two or three “cheaper” freelancers in order to balance your budget better, and get more for your dollar.

In short, you may be costing your company more than you know because the old saying, “You get what you pay for” is also true. If you have your mind set on a particular expert, then hold off hiring online freelancers until your company has the money in the budget to do so.

Determine Remote Freelancer Integration

By now you have identified the responsibilities and tasks within your business, and you understand which tasks you can take off your plate and hand off to someone else. You have also ascertained enough money in the budget to hire the best online freelancer.

What’s next?

Now it’s time to strategically place a remote freelancer somewhere within your company where they can be the most productive.

Base each freelancer’s skill in determining their integration. In other words, don’t put someone who’s specialty is social marketing at a task where they’re doing the accounting work for you. Remote freelancer integration is an integral process in making your company run smoothly and efficiently.

By now you will understand who goes where because you already know their expertise and where they will best fit. Just make sure you choose wisely. Even though you have decided hiring online is your best option, you can still sink the boat if placement isn’t thought through correctly.

Managing the Freelancer for Future Productivity

Once hiring online freelancers has been set in place in your business, it’s time to get the most out of them. Your main goal is productivity, learning, and time management. Each freelancer needs to know they are responsible for the work they produce.

Knowing this, all of the most productive business owners create more productivity within their ranks by using some great tools which are easily accessible to freelancers.

Here are some great tools to keep them productive:

Trello – A visual project management tool which allows you to understand where a freelancer is at in their project.
Slack – A great way to establish communication on all fronts. This is a private communication channel in which you can add and subtract freelancers as you go.
ResourceGuru – This handy tool allows you to see a freelancer’s schedule and availability as they work for you. Review this each week before you assign tasks to work around their schedule (or yours).

a. Measure

Remember, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. You have to be able to measure after the hiring online process is completed in order to understand what is getting better and what is getting worse. It’s a great way to stay on top of the growth of your company as freelancers get to know the process.

b. Know When To Step In

As always, a good boss is someone who knows when to completely let go and allow freelancers to do their work. Remember why you completed the hiring online process in the first place: to grow your company. So, if you see a new freelancer doing a task a little different than how you would complete it, don’t step in right away. Allow them to finish in order to see the completed result. You never know when they have learned an easier way to do something.

c. Negative Feedback Can Destroy

You will find all of the perfect freelancers by hiring online, however, what they don’t prepare you for is the day when you will see someone make a mistake or do something wrong.

When this day happens I want you to remember two things: 1) Praise in public. 2) Reprimand in private.

Remember that and your company won’t implode on itself in the future. Having said that, it’s easy to see all of the mistakes going on inside of your company. On top of this, it’s a little harder to see when someone is doing something right. Believe it or not, the right will usually outweigh the wrong, the right just isn’t something our brain is hardwired to receive.

This is another aspect of your business in which you should be measuring. The good things a freelancer does for you. Especially when they’ve went above and beyond, it’s important to share this with freelancers and give them a public praise. However, when they do something wrong, make sure you’re talking about it with them in private.

In Conclusion

Are you a business owner who is looking to pull the trigger and start hiring online? There are so many positive attributes of hiring online. It can grow your business faster than you could ever imagine. However, hiring online can also hamper the growth if you approach it in the wrong aspect. Take heed of these tips to getting started, and don’t forget to ask any question you have about hiring online freelancers in the comments.


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Wade Harman is a content writing wizard with an M.A. in Cognitive Psychology. He share social media psychology and other marketing tips online related to cognitive trigger response. He loves to fish and read comic books for fun, to get the creative juices flowing.



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