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As an e-commerce entrepreneur, your goal is not just to find interesting, high-quality products that customers buy over and over again. One of the biggest challenges in running a Shopify store is how to build a profitable product listing. Coming up with a guaranteed collection of inventory that continues to sell gives you a chance to explore and focus on other streams of revenue for your business.

Without the right expertise and focus, even seasoned store owners face the difficulty of finding goods that sell. The research and selection process is a complex and time-consuming feat. The fact that you need to do this every day makes it even more challenging.

Fortunately, FreeeUp provides opportunities for Shopify store owners to build a profitable product listing with the help of remote experts. Our goal is to help you make the most of your time as a business owner. These freelancers understand what it takes to build a profitable product listing on Shopify, particularly for your market.

The literature to be found on optimizing pages is abundant and many e-commerce influencers talk about it. Very little is said, however, about what exactly you need to do build a profitable product listing. To help you get started doing just that, we have prepared a comprehensive guide for you to start hiring the freelancers you need and how you can work together to sell more on your Shopify store.

Why Hire a Remote Freelancer

profitable product listing

Running an e-commerce store is a lot of work and so is building a profitable product listing. Most often, new entrepreneurs look for ways to bootstrap their businesses just to launch their brand. Budget is one of the biggest concerns, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t invest money in the right resources.

Shopify is currently one of the largest and most sought-after online store platforms. Apart from the huge competition you get from big e-commerce businesses like Amazon and eBay, you also have hundreds more to contend with within Shopify itself. 

Every business owner wants their product to stand out. You need the help of professional experts to set up your website and research the keywords you need to build a profitable product listing. Most tend to be discouraged by the cost of hiring an in-house workforce. The current trend, which is found to be the most efficient, is outsourcing to a global remote workforce.

You may have heard from fellow entrepreneurs about how hiring remote freelancers contributed to the success of their Shopify businesses. It works for them, and there shouldn’t be any reason why it wouldn’t work for you.

Here is a quick rundown of the advantages of hiring a remote workforce:

It saves you time, and therefore, your money.


save money, save time

The more minutes or hours you waste on learning things or trying to master Shopify tasks, the more you lose the opportunity of earning a sale.

You are assured that the tasks are done by experts.

With the work done by a freelancer with the proper skills and experience, you can expect high-quality output. That is productivity and efficiency in one package.

You get to work with transparency and flexibility.

Freelancers are independent contractors and will work strictly based on the scope of work that you set at the beginning of the engagement. If they are unable to deliver or meet your set expectations, you can simply hire another person.

However, this creates the wrong impression that it is difficult to find the right freelancer to hire. This is why choosing a reputable freelance website is important and will lead you to one of the best decisions you will ever make as a business owner.

Why Hire From FreeeUp

profitable product listing

FreeeUp is an online marketplace of professional freelancers who specialize in assisting e-commerce businesses. They have a community of global experts on Shopify who can help build a profitable product listing for you.

One of the reasons FreeeUp has been a go-to place for business owners is because they make sure that they get you the right person for the task. Their pre-vetting process allows them to get access to the best, most professional, and competent freelancers from all over the world.

Pre-vetting for the top 1% of freelancers in their respective fields is done by FreeeUp hiring experts. As the one searching, you need not worry about tiresome interviews and get loaded with too much, and mostly unnecessary, information.

The platform is so confident in both clients and freelancers that they don’t need the typical two-sided rating system. That level of trust within the online marketplace is difficult to compete with. The fact that FreeeUp is receiving more and more client requests every day means that business owners believe in them.

How to Create an Awesome Product Listing

profitable product listing

Now that you have a freelancer ready to build a profitable product listing for your Shopify store, let’s go through a summary of the most common industry practices on how to create one. We shall divide this guide into 4 stages.


Having products to sell, whether you have invented them yourself or sourced them from manufacturers, is the first thing you need to accomplish for your Shopify store. So, just how do you find the right things that people will want to buy?

Your objective is to understand your target market and the current buying trends within your niche. Remember that there is no perfect product. Every product will have its challenges and profit is the result for those who overcome them.

There are plenty of guides that you can find online about what to look for in products. The most basic will help you find profitable products, launch them, and grow from there.Then there’s advanced product selection that runs tests and looks at sales and growth potential. 

To source products, you need the right tools, and the best person to do this task is an expert. There are applications, software, and/or plug-ins that you can use depending on the e-commerce platform you’re on. To give you a general idea of how you can discover products, you can use filters such as:

  • Product categories
  • Location of manufacturer
  • Price range
  • Popularity
  • Shipping methods 

Hiring a product sourcing freelancer is a good start. This will save you the time it takes to learn the basics and instead, get advanced and accurate results right away. Having a good set of products in place will make building a profitable product listing easier and faster.


profitable product listing

In a study conducted by SmartInsights, search engine traffic makes up around 30% to 40% of overall e-commerce traffic. This means that using optimized keywords for your product listing pages plays a significant role in bringing visitors to your website and making sales.

At this stage, your Import List is where you will apply SEO. Optimizing your product listing consists of fundamental approaches such as targeting the right keywords on your product pages so that they will rank high on search engine results pages.

Optimizing Keywords

To build a profitable product listing on Shopify, the freelance expert you have hired should be able to make it keyword rich with your brand name, product title, product description, and communicate all of these clearly to your customers. All products within each category should be heavily linked, creating a strong pattern of internal (i.e within your website) linking.

There are specific strategic places in each product listing where you can add relevant and high-quality keywords.

1. Product Title

profitable product listing

The product title is where you need to put your top 5 keywords. Think about the first words people will use to search for your product and write it cohesively within 70 characters. Your objective should be aligned in helping customers find exactly what they are looking for. 

2. Product Description

More than writing a captivating title, you also need an informative and accurate description of your products. One way to build a profitable product listing is to write an effective product description. However, without knowing each item fully, you won’t be able to come up with a great write-up that will influence the buyer’s purchase decision. 

According to Shopify’s help pages, buyers are more concerned about the benefits a product can give than details about its features. Features describe what a product can do and this is also important. However, if you are not able to translate these features into keywords that will solve your customers’ problems, most people won;t be moved to buy.

3. Product Photos

profitable product listing

To present a clearer picture of what you can offer, you need to include product images. Ideally, they have to professional-looking to add credibility to your brand. Furthermore, product photos must also contain proper Alt Tags using your top keywords. Here are some vital points to consider when adding an image Alt tag:

  • It must be unique
  • It must be short and clear, capable of describing the image accurately
  • It must be a proper description of the image with relevant keywords
4. Other Product Details

Product variants refer to different features of your product. Examples of these are color and size. They need to be tagged with specific keywords for your customers to find. It is important that they are informed that they are buying the right product.


profitable product listings

To be able to rank high on search results pages, it is only logical to create a high number of backlinks to your Shopify product listing. The more traffic your listing gets, the more opportunities you get to sell your product. However, backlinking is not as easy as 1, 2, 3.

You need to consider the type and amount of content that you can place in your product listings. You have a title, description, images, variant, and price. This makes it challenging to find websites that can link back to your product pages using relevant content.

It is not impossible, though, to use backlinks to build a profitable product listing on Shopify. You just need to adopt a strategy that works best for Shopify merchants. Finding the right websites to do backlinks to your product pages is vital. They must be trusted, consistently create content that is relevant to your business, and must practice good SEO themselves.

One thing you should remember quite well when doing backlinking to your product listings is to avoid settling for quantity over quality. Good backlinks take time, trust, and effort to build. Together with a freelance expert, come up with a strategy to create quality backlinks that follow the best industry practices.


profitable product listings

A/B testing is the most common practice for e-commerce business owners when it comes to optimizing conversion rates. It is the process of comparing the performance of 2 different versions of a product page.

A Shopify product listing expert who has experience with A/B testing is a valuable asset. You could also hire another freelancer who is an A/B testing specialist just for these tests.

The testing stage is critical to be able to identify the right combination of elements that work for your product listing page. This ensures a better user experience for your buyers. It is ideal to run your tests for at least 2 complete business cycles and repeat them even after reaching significant results.

Not all Shopify stores need A/B testing, however. According to Shopify, multivariate testing is only significant for low-traffic sites. In that case, talking to your customers directly (i.e. user testing) might be more efficient. If you do multivariate testing, you are on your way to gradually increasing conversions.


Product pages play a significant role in the overall online shopping experience of Shopify buyers. They greatly influence the buying decision of your store visitors. 

Creating a product listing page takes a lot of time. As a business owner, you have a lot of things on your plate to start with and you probably don’t have the experience or expertise to create the perfect listing. The wise thing to do is to assign this important task to an expert.

FreeeUp has a network of freelance talent from across the globe who can build awesome product listings for your Shopify store. Watch our CEO, Nathan Hirsch, talk about the steps for how to hire a freelancer on FreeeUp or read our blog for more tips on how to optimize your ecommerce business.