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If you’re a business owner who uses a group of remote workers then you already understand that time and productivity are the main essentials to keeping your business successful and in-tune.

Creating a business which runs seamlessly is one of the main goals of the business owner and, in order to do that, a lot of wheels have to be turning the same direction, not to mention the remote workers with which you need to be in contact with.

For this article, we want to address the points where communication is your top priority. When several remote workers are in place, it can sometimes be overwhelming to stay in touch with everyone to keep everything manageable. You can’t know what each worker is doing at all times, but you would definitely like to rectify this problem.

In order to do this, you need to set daily check-ins with remote workers to establish proper communication which will eventually lead to more productivity and a smoother-running business in the end. We realize there are lots of responsibilities you are concerned with and, as a business owner, you wear many hats to keep everything running smoothly, but when it comes to internal communication you should never skimp on any help you can get. Here are some top tips you can use to set daily check ins and get this ball rolling.

Set a Meeting With The Worker

When you begin your relationship with a new remote worker, make sure they understand your priorities of having meetings. Communication must be established from the beginning and it’s up to you to set this in place right away.

In order to set daily check ins, simply reach out to a worker and ask them which time would work best for them. Remember, if you are running a business with lots of work, you may have to adapt to their working times. Just make sure you reach out with the necessary options for them.

Setting these meetings will allow you to be able to let them ask questions and update you about their work load for the week.

Establish the Need for Daily Check Ins at Beginning/Ending of Working Hours

If you are running a business where there are freelancers working at different times throughout the world, make sure you establish the need for at least a check-in at some point throughout their working times.

Some will prefer to check in before they start their day and others will opt to communicate with you on their progress after their day is over. It’s important to once again allow the worker to pick which option is best and works around their schedule.

In doing so, you are allowing them a voice within your company and establishing how important their work is to your company. Giving them the option to set daily check ins allows them to have a voice within your business.

Communicate Your Preference to Receive Daily Check Ins

Some business owners have different preferences when it comes to check-ins with workers. Which platform is easier to send and receive these messages and updates from workers?

Make sure you establish a point of contact with a freelancer; whether it be Skype, Slack, email, or any other platform you prefer using, make sure they use this platform as the point of contact when they set daily check ins with you for their updates.

Doing this will ensure you are receiving messages where you want them from each worker and you’re not having to chase them down to learn what they have been doing. There is nothing more time consuming, needless to say aggravating, than trying to contact a worker to get an update on an important project they are currently working on.

In order to combat this mistake, share your preferences with workers and let them choose when they want to contact you. But make sure they know they should definitely be doing it.

Be Clear This Must Happen or It Could Impact Your Ability to Work Together

Overall, a worker who can’t communicate won’t be a worker you can keep on the payroll. When reaching for a specific goal within your company, each person must adhere to the rules of communication, because without it, it can be disastrous.

I must stress the obvious importance of this point because if you hire a new worker and don’t communicate this need you have within your business, they won’t fall into a routine of doing it. It’s a lot easier to set up someone to do this right from the beginning than it is to interject something new into a worker’s routine after they have been there for a while.

Ultimately, it falls on you to establish this point to every worker you hire. After all, it doesn’t matter how successful your business is, or where you’re driving your company, if communication isn’t established, your victory in business will be short-lived. A company which can set daily check ins internally is a company who can work out the flaws, help each other, and establish trust with worker/manager relationships.

In Conclusion

I understand you have certain tasks and responsibilities within your company which keep you busy. However, communication is one responsibility you should never ignore. When it comes to the freelancers on your payroll, they can make or break your business and guess what? It all hinges on communication.

When you open the doors of conversation and getting updates and help, a freelancer is less likely to hide something from you that they couldn’t do or was confused on. This is imperative management and can boost your company towards that future goal you’re driving towards.

Do you have a business with 15+ people working remotely? What are some tips you can give someone who is reading this right now in which they could benefit from? I would love to hear both your successes and failures in the comments below.


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