become a Shopify expert

How to Become a Shopify Expert in 2019

  Is your goal for 2019 to become a Shopify expert? It’s a great one to reach for! Shopify skills are in high demand as this adaptable and scalable eCommerce platform becomes more and more popular, particularly for small business owners and startups. Whether you want to launch a new career or just add a […]

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Freelancing Pros and Cons

Freelancing Pros and Cons in 2018

  Freelancing may sound like a dream come true to many overworked minds and bodies in the corporate world. But it’s not all wine and roses. You need to know at least the basic freelancing pros and cons before you launch headlong into a freelance career. If you fly blindly into freelancing, you could end […]

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how much do freelancers make

How Much Do Freelancers Make In the US?

  Have you considered taking your career online? Do you like the idea of freelancing from the comfort of your own home? You’re not the only one. The growing trend of freelancers in the US Freelancing is expanding into every skill set you can imagine. From content creation, to Amazon experts to web developers, to […]

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