holiday freelance tips

23 Holiday Freelance Tips to Keep Clients Happy

  Everyone can use some holiday freelance tips to get them through this busiest season of the year.  With all the festivities and family gatherings to deal with, things can become toxic. It’s difficult to balance all that with work, especially for freelancers who can’t get away because they work from home. With a number of projects to juggle and a handful of clients to satisfy, things can easily go out of hand if you’re not […]

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upwork fees

UpWork Fees Increase | Here’s 15 Freelancing Alternatives

  The recent increase in UpWork fees has urged some remote professionals to look for freelancing alternatives. On top of the 20% service fee for every project they complete, freelancers now have to pay an additional price to apply to listings. Freelancers have voiced different opinions about the new changes.  There’s a good reason behind every decision, especially for a large and well-known company like UpWork. Whether you are an active, returning, or new member […]

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freelance productivity

Freelance Productivity and Motivation Tips

  No matter how long you’ve been running your freelance business, your freelance productivity can still suffer. As a freelancer, it’s easy to spend the whole day rushing from one task to another – without really accomplishing a lot. It’s also easy (let’s be honest!) to get distracted. Maybe you’re trying out an app that ends up simply being yet another fancy way to rearrange your to-do list. Maybe you want to spend time on […]

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retail chart market research

Freelance from Home to Improve Your Lifestyle

  It’s possible that most of the tasks you do at work don’t require you to be on site. In fact, you could freelance from home – or anywhere – and live a better quality of life. Ever catch yourself sitting at your desk and realizing that a whole day has gone by without speaking face-to-face with someone else? Or, that your interactions were either not work-related, or could have easily been settled via text […]

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good advice for people with talent

20+ Proven Tips for Freelancing Successfully on FreeeUp

  You can get a lot out of being on the FreeeUp Marketplace as a freelancer. Here are the top FreeeUp freelancer tips for making the most out of your freelance business right here, right now. I.  Use Available Free Resources There are a ton of free sources of information and tips on FreeeUp. Below are some of these resources that you can tap into to gain knowledge to help you grow and thrive as […]

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Stay Productive While Traveling

15 Proven Tips to Stay Productive While Traveling

  There’s nothing like making a living from the comfort of your own home. Unless, of course, you’re working on the patio of your hotel room while soaking up the sun. For today’s digital nomad, freelancing is not limited to your home office. Location-independent freelancers have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. While professional and consistent work can be scheduled in between worldwide adventures, staying motivated and productive while traveling can be […]

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creative freelancer va

How Creative Freelancers Can Work Smarter with a VA

  Creative freelancers—for example, writers, designers, web developers—tend to work alone. Unless you’re turning your freelance business into an agency, you’ll likely do a lot of your work solo. Maybe you’ve outsourced a bit, though not consistently, but I’m going to show you why hiring a creative freelancer VA has huge benefits. My Background I’m a solo freelancer with no dreams of scaling into an agency. While having an agency and hiring others sounds like […]

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freelance SEO copywriter

8 Things to Know to Become a Freelance SEO Copywriter in 2019

  On the fence about becoming a freelance SEO copywriter? Well, guess what? Now’s the best time to get started! For one thing, the demand for excellent copywriters continues to rise. According to a study published by CopyHackers, demand for copywriting services has increased by 70%. Source: CopyHackers Second, freelance writers are paid good money. PayScale reports that the average freelance writer gets paid $23.90 per hour while excellent copywriters get as much as $55.88 […]

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freelance growth

Are You Standing in the Way of Your Freelance Growth?

  How to achieve freelance growth isn’t exactly a new subject. In the past, FreeeUp has covered a variety of related topics, including building a profitable sales funnel and gaining more visibility on Google. So many riffs on the same subject makes sense, right? After all, who wouldn’t want to grow their business? Taking the Goal by the Horns Recently, QuickBooks Self-Employed decided to look a little deeper — not just into the strategies contractors […]

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