find freelance clients

4 Expert Strategies to Find Freelance Clients

  Freelancing is expanding into every skill set you can imagine. From bloggers to Amazon experts to web developers, remote freelancers are taking over the business world. According to the World Economic Forum, “The majority of the US workforce will be freelance by 2027,” and in the near future “remote work will be the norm.” What are […]

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work from home routine

A Work From Home Routine That Really Works

  Working from home has many advantages. No early morning or sit in traffic commute. No small talk with co-workers. No dressing up nicely for work. Though it has advantages, working from home comes with many challenges. Some include time management and productivity. From personal experience, it is very easy to get distracted and want […]

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College Students Should Freelance

4 Reasons College Students Should Freelance

  More college students are starting to work while attending college, and it’s not working as a barista. Students are taking advantage of the gig economy and opening up shop on freelance websites. Students create a profile offering a service that they can provide for entrepreneurs and other businesses around the globe. The biggest advantage […]

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freelancing tips for millennials

10 Freelancing Tips for Millennials

  Whether I like it or not, I am a true-blooded millennial. No, I will not disclose when I was born, but let’s just say I’m part of the “older” millennials. After finishing university, I did what I was trained to do for a couple of years while pursuing higher studies, only to feel disillusioned […]

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questions to ask clients

5 Questions to Ask Clients Before Being Hired 

  Before a freelancer agrees to a new project, there are certain questions to ask clients. It doesn’t matter if this is the first project or the twentieth project the freelancer is starting for a client. It doesn’t matter if this is the freelancer’s first project or if the freelancer has been freelancing for decades. […]

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