websites for freelancers

30+ Websites for Freelancers to Find Work

  Because of all the websites for freelancers out there, all you need to make a decent living in today’s technologically advanced world is an internet connection and a passion. More and more professionals are offering their talents and services from the comfort of their own homes through freelancing. The industry is rapidly evolving, and an increasing number of businesses are tapping into the freelancing pool as the gig economy expands and the quality of […]

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5 Steps to Get Your Freelance Business Off the Ground

  It’s time to get your freelance business off the ground. More than half of payroll employees in the US nurture a side gig, moonlighting as freelancers in their personal time. It’s a way for them to enhance their skills, meet growing demand not met in traditional ways, and (for many) build a better professional future. 2019 should be a big year for these freelancers, as experts predict that full-time freelancing will jump from 10-30% […]

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how to find remote jobs

20 Tips to Find Remote Work Online (Quickly!)

  Working remotely has become increasing popular over the last few years. With the ability to connect through technology, the need to be located near clients or customers is becoming less and less of a requirement. For many people, working remotely can be a rewarding experience that allows you to make your own hours, determine your own income, and have the flexible work-life balance we’re all looking for. Taking the step to become a freelancer […]

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side gigs

Why You Should Have Side Gigs as a Freelancer

  Side gigs are all the rage right now, and they are on their way up. Everywhere you see, a new way to make money is coming up every day. It’s simple. No matter what you do, side gigs can come in handy in many aspects. Whether you are a student strapped for cash or a stay-at-home mom wanting to do something in your free time or a freelancer looking for an extra income stream, […]

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motivated freelancer

How to Be a Motivated Freelancer

  Millions of people in the world forego their traditional in-the-office career to start their freelance business. This is partly a result of the enormous range of possibilities for a motivated freelancer, but also because of the flexibility that comes with the choice. In the past years, the so-called gig economy has made a completely unprecedented change in the way people and companies function worldwide. Not only do people decide to pursue a freelancing career, […]

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freelance writer

How to Succeed as a Paid Freelance Writer

  Flexible, Enjoyable, and Handsome Payment are the three features of freelance writing. Being a paid freelance writer is a profession in itself and has helped a myriad of writers to earn the name, and fame. But not all writers who want to freelance get these opportunities for everything they write. Not all the creative minds get rich. The truth is not that sweet related to freelance writing. It is an occupation full of freedom […]

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Getting long term clients

How to Switch from One Time Projects to Long Term Clients

  You may have found that short-term services have their downsides. You’re constantly searching for additional clients. You may have times where you are far under capacity, and other times where you are turning clients away. If you’re sick of this rollercoaster, you may want to transition to working with long term clients. When I started my freelancing business, I focused exclusively on short-term clients to quickly gain reviews and a reputation, and transitioned those […]

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sell your freelance business max return

How and When to Sell Your Freelance Business for Maximum Acquisition Value

  When selling your freelance business, it makes sense that you would want to maximize the value and earn as much money on the sale as humanly possible. You have put time and effort into building and growing your business, you deserve a return! Knowing you want to make as much as possible on a sale is one thing. Knowing how to actually maximize the acquisition value is another. Luckily, there are a few things […]

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Freelance Tips

9 Freelancer Tips to Help Your eCommerce Clients Thrive this Holiday Season

  Here’s 9 freelancer tips to make sure that your clients are happy working with you during the holiday season. For eCommerce clients, their busiest time of the year is from Black Friday through Christmas. It’s when most eCommerce companies do 4-5x their normal monthly sales and they are able to profit from their year of hard work. To put the holiday season into perspective, read this article that outlines key stats you should know about […]

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