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Wade Harman wrote a guest post about 5 ways to make your workers more productive in 2017 on the Convince and Convert blog early this year.

These tips to make your workers more productive are really not just for 2017. They are great to apply at any point in your hiring journey.


If you work with a group of people in your business, it’s nice to have support from those around you. As an owner or a worker, having people who understand your areas of expertise is helpful. Sadly, many online businesses have 40 to 100 people working in the background with no support or direction. This can be a silent killer for any company. You have a dream to succeed and grow, so you want to help make your workers more productive.

5. Give Workers Ownership

Leaders understand and are committed to the power of ownership. They get up in the morning and say, “I’ve got to go make my company money.” You make your workers more productive when you encourage them to feel that it’s their business too. When you see your entire company as a whole, they will all work together toward one goal. You get reliable workers who see opportunity in and for your business and act on it

4. Know Each Worker’s Skills

Understand what each person brings to your business. This creates a more productive atmosphere for your workers. You can make your workers more productive when you have them working on the tasks that they are best suited for. What work you can give to a specific worker is determined by how well you know this person’s abilities in this area. You can also remove barriers which prevent your workers from getting their work done. Make sure they have the proper tools at their disposal.

3. Inspire and Encourage

A truly productive group meets regularly. See to it that your workers have a meeting each week to get caught up on the projects they have been working on. This is also a good time to get assignments scheduled out for the next week. You can even make your workers more productive during this time by encouraging them to let loose and build stronger relationships. Use the time to inspire your workers, too, with relevant content and stories.

2. Get Out of the Way

Sometimes it’s best for the boss to simply step aside and watch his expert hires work seamlessly on their own. When you have the confidence that you have picked the best, make your workers more productive by simply trusting them to get the job done. You have communicated your goals, organized their talents, their projects, and their clients. Don’t lurk around, making them second-guess themselves. Check in to see if they need help or to find out if they’re stuck on something, but let them know that you trust them to handle the job.

1. Communication Is Key

Communication is my number-one way to make your workers more productive. Don’t just preach communication, but live and model it in the workplace. In the absence of communication comes miscommunication, and this breeds a whole lot of problems that lead to business failure. The best communicator I have ever seen is Nathan Hirsch. Nathan runs FreeeUp, a hiring marketplace which has hundreds remote freelance members who all have various talents and skills. Nate runs a tight ship, and he manages these freelancers foremost by modeling great communication. Because of this practice, all of the workers in the FreeeUp marketplace are primed for excellent client work.

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Click here to read the full article on and see how exactly these tips work so you can successfully make your workers more productive starting now. Need help building your group of supportive workers? Click here to schedule a phone call with Nathan to discuss your remote hiring needs.


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