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Connor and Nathan were interviewed for an article on about creating your own remote company to be free of the 9-5 grind.


This is the second way to Leave your Office in the 50 Ways series. Creating your own company that operates remotely can give you freedom from a restrictive daily schedule. A remote company also means that you have to know what you’re an expert at. This is the easy part. You then need to know what the pros and cons are of going remote. You will also need to be able to showcase your business to the online world and learn how to communicate effectively online.

Forming a business entails a lot. If you’re just not there yet, a good way to start is by joining FreeeUp. Read on for some of the salient points that came up during the interview between 50 Ways and FreeeUp’s CMO and CEO.

The Decision to Leave the Office and Create a Remote Company

Connor and Nathan started FreeeUp in late October of 2015. They had just closed the offices of their first company. They decided that they wanted to run FreeeUp as a completely remote marketplace. Their personal experience of the pros and cons to running a physical office guided them. For starters, it is better for business growth to work with the top talent from around the world and to build it out with remote workers.

FreeeUp is based in Orlando, Florida, where Connor and Nathan live. They work out of their respective home offices. Both meet throughout each week to work on policies and projects. They also regularly meet with the remote workers they have hired over VoIP. They are comprised of over 25 freelancers who are located all around the world. Some of these workers are from the US, Mexico, India, Portugal, and the Philippines. Connor and Nathan have developed systems and processes to keep their remote marketplace and workers organized and in constant communication.

The Struggles of Creating a Remote Company

Connor and Nathan struggled at first to sell the idea of hiring freelancers through their remote marketplace. They were offering eCommerce consultant services at the time, on top of short courses for Selling on Amazon. As these became popular, they were able to introduce the idea to business clients of creating a remote company by hiring remote workers. In about 6 months, FreeeUp was a full-fledged online hiring marketplace.

Many business owners were then able to see how beneficial the shift to operating as a remote company was. FreeeUp continues to grow as a platform where companies can find support as they make the transition. FreeeUp is today facing the challenge of upgrading their software to provide an amazing hiring experience to clients. Currently, the remote workers are working on making the payment systems intelligent and easy to use.

Tips for Leaving the Office

In the article, Connor and Nathan shared their advice for making the change from a physical to a remote company. The key points they suggest that businesses focus on are expertise, time management, profiles, and communication.

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Click here to read the full article on and learn the specifics of how you can successfully move from an office-based life to running a remote company to free up your life. Click here to schedule a phone call with Nathan to discuss your remote hiring needs.


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