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FreeeUp CMO Connor Gillivan writes about how virtual assistants can help your Amazon or eBay business on Jordan Malik’s blog.


The article shares Connor’s insights on using VAs in business. Connor is a serial entrepreneur who has had years of hiring experience. He built a group of about 60 workers for his first business, an Amazon store.

Connor knows that selling products on Amazon or eBay can be very advantageous. It is easy to get set up and there is not much overhead to deal with. You are in complete control of how small or big you want your business to be on these platforms. He also knows, however, that it’s not all wine and roses. Selling on these marketplaces can be so tedious. There are so many tasks that will eat up your time as a business owner. They are usually very simple tasks, but can’t be automated because there’s just no substitute for the human touch. If you don’t want to spend all your time fixing broken listings and uploading new offerings and taking better product photos, virtual assistants can help you and leave you free to focus on growth.

Here’s a sneak peek of the tips that Connor elucidates on in the article:

  • divvy up tasks by time and core skill set
  • virtual assistants can help you save a lot of money
  • building that first group of 60 remote workers that generates millions of dollars of business
  • effectivity of online workers

And the five areas of your business where virtual assistants can help a lot:

1. Writing product descriptions

2. Fulfilling orders and managing inventory levels

3. Customer service

4. Reviewing listings

5. Communicating with Amazon or eBay

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Click here to read the full article on and learn more tips from Connor about how virtual assistants can help you to grow your Amazon or eBay business. 

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