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Freelancing is on the rise and the data points to a continued trend in American workers pursuing more flexible alternatives. In 2016, freelancers accounted for 35% of the US workforce, which is a whooping 55 million people. Whether it’s to earn additional income or explore an area of interest, more people than ever are choosing to freelance.

Despite the associated perks of having more freedom and flexibility, being a company of one is no easy feat. You wear many hats at the beginning (accountant, marketer, salesperson, etc.) and constantly have to motivate yourself to work alone and look after work. It takes a strong character and a relentless attitude – which is no wonder that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

To be a freelancer, you have to be prepared. Be ready to deal with the fluctuating income, the dry months, and everything else that comes with it. I’ve scoured the web for the top 10 freelancing blogs. Some are niche-specific, but I’d argue that the advice is applicable to any industry. Enjoy and let me know other blogs you follow in the comments!

Top 10 Freelancing Blogs

Freelancers Union – This non-profit fights to protect freelancers’ working rights such as health insurance, labor costs and monetary compensations. The blog is packed with useful anecdotes from the Freelance Union members which inform readers of the realities of being a freelancer.

Upwork Blog – New to freelancing or looking to learn how to score gigs, better manage your time or brand yourself? This blog got you covered! It also features stories of freelancers on the platform and gives you some insight into what their day-to-day is like.

The Freelancer – For all the gig economy enthusiasts, this blog is for you! It deals with everything that falls under this labor market – from personal branding, networking tips and digital marketing strategies to preparing contracts, finding mentors, developing your skills etc.

Side Hustle Nation – If you have yet to figure out what service you can monetize or how to set up income streams, this blog contains a wealth of business ideas or shared experiences to help anyone earn extra income and become financially independent.

Startup Nation – Being a freelancer is a lot like owning a startup, and that is, the startup of you. You’re managing your own assets, working to minimize costs and maximize profit. This blog explains the ins and outs of starting a business and shares the keys to being a successful entrepreneur.

Careful Cents – Carrie Nicholson is a freelancer who made over $78,000 from her blog and freelance business in 2015. On her website, she shares the secrets to her success and resources that make freelancers’ life easier such as accounting tools and payment tracking apps etc.

Pro Blogger – This is the ideal destination for freelance bloggers who want to turn their website into a sustainable business. Darren creates actionable articles and podcasts on everything from growing your traffic, improving your craft, monetizing your website and the biggest detractors to blogging success.

Hired – Although it primarily deals with helping people find regular jobs, this blog has a section on freelancing for anyone looking to get started and making a living from it.

The Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn features interviews with real-life entrepreneurs or full-time freelancers and really delves into their experience to point at actionable strategies that everyone can use.

The Write Life – This blog contains practical advice for freelance writers – from comprehensive roundups of magazines and blog that pay writers to expert opinions on becoming a better writer.


Web Employed – This blog has caught my attention as a great source of information and other resources for online workers. Web Employed introduces legitimate sites where freelancers can find work from home opportunities and publishes step-by-step guides to help readers learn more about the different platforms.


If I missed any great sites that you think should be part of the top 10 freelancing blogs, please share them in the comments!


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Shelcy Joseph is a freelance writer, social media strategist and career blogger. She is the voice of A Millennial’s Guide to Life, a career and lifestyle blog dedicated to helping multi-passionate creatives make a career out of doing all the things they love.


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