Frequently Asked Questions for Workers

Browse our most frequently asked questions from workers around the world to learn more about working through the FreeeUp platform.

If you have any additional questions, email us at and let us know how we can help.

Getting Started

Why should I use FreeeUp for hiring?

FreeeUp is different from other online hiring platforms in that we introduce you to clients based off of your skill sets. We require that you go through our interview and testing process before getting a FreeeUp marketplace account, but once you are in, you can view open jobs from our hundreds of clients on a daily basis. You express that you want to take the job, you chat with the client for 10-15 minutes, then you can be hired. You don't have to search for jobs, post your resume, and wait for clients to get in touch with you. We are a fast hiring platform so clients are limited to spending 10-15 minutes with you before making a hire. Current workers also love the platform because it is a community where you can meet and interact with other freelancers on a daily basis. Everyone is in online group chats on a daily basis where you can learn from others, ask questions, and continue to become a better freelancer.

How is FreeeUp different from other online hiring platforms?

FreeeUp does not allow everyone into the network. Different from other platforms, freelancers are required to apply, interview, and pass our Marketplace Communication Guidelines test before being accepted into the network. Once into the network, you do not have to apply or interview for jobs. You simply review the open jobs, express interest, and get introduced to the client who then hires you.

Why do I have to apply to work with FreeeUp?

All freelancers are required to apply to work on the FreeeUp marketplace because the platform is very strict in who is introduced to clients. We want all of our clients to have an amazing online hiring experience and so we only accept the top 1% of freelancers that apply to work in the network. Once into the network, you are also held to the marketplace guidelines so that the positive client experiences continue as you get more clients.

Interview Process

How do I apply to be a worker?

To apply to become a worker, you can start by filling out an application here: Your application will be sent directly to our Recruitment and HR team who will review and make a decision on if you will be invited for an interview.

What happens after I submit my initial application?

After you have submitted your application, our HR team will review your information and make a decision on if you will be invited for an interview. If you are invited to the interview, you will receive an email outlining the interview process and asking you to schedule a time for your interview. If the HR team decides that you are not a best fit for the FreeeUp network, you will receive an email being informed so.

Do I need to prepare anything for the interview?

You do not have to prepare anything specifically for the interview. However, you should be ready to chat about your past work experience, your expertise within the skill set you are applying for, and the methods in which you communicate with your clients.

What comes after the Skype interview?

After the Skype interview, our HR team will make a decision on if we are interested in inviting you to the final round of the interview and testing process. The final round is where you will be introduced to FreeeUp's Marketplace Communication Guidelines, a 15+ page document that outlines how we expect our workers to communicate and treat their FreeeUp clients on the marketplace. If you pass this final test, you will be accepted into the network.

When will I know if I made it to the final round?

Some decisions are made directly at the end of the Skype interview. If a decision is not made then, you will be informed by email letting you know if we are interested in bringing you back for the final round of the Marketplace Communication Guidelines test.

Communication Guidelines

What are the Marketplace Communication Guidelines?

The FreeeUp Marketplace Communication Guidelines are 15+ pages of communication expectations that our founders, Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan, created when they first started the company and were based off the top reasons that business owners have poor experiences hiring online. The marketplace guidelines have grown since the company's founding and covers all of the possible situations you may encounter when working with your client. The guidelines outline how you are expected to act in all of the given situations. Finally, they explain strict rules that could get you kicked out of the network along with how you will be paid for your work performed.

Why does FreeeUp care so much about communication?

We care so much about communication because it is the number one reason that business owners have poor experiences when hiring and working with freelancers online. Our founders went through years of hiring online workers to discover the absolute best practices for communicating and working with remote teams. They realized the importance of communication and wanted to make sure that it was a foundation of the FreeeUp network.

What is the test that I have to pass?

The Marketplace Communication Guidelines test is the final step in the interview and testing process. All workers are required to memorize the guidelines and answer questions to demonstrate your understanding of the marketplace guidelines. If you pass, you will move on. If you fail, it could hurt your chances of being accepted into the network.

Landing New Clients

How do I get jobs once into the network?

Once into the network, we will create a FreeeUp account for you where you can log in and view all open jobs at any given time. You will also be added to the group Skype chat where new jobs are posted throughout the day. If the job makes sense for your skill set, you can volunteer to take it and you will be introduced to the client. We will also reach out to your personally if we think the job is a good fit for you.

Is there a limit to how many clients I can take on?

There is not a set limit to how many clients you can take from the FreeeUp network. However, we highly discourage our workers taking on more than 50 hours of client work as it can lead to fatigue and decreased efficiency for our clients. You are expected to manage your schedule and not take on more work than you can handle at any given time. You are not allowed to drop our clients and it is expected that you make all of them feel VIP at all times.

Are clients looking for full time workers?

It completely depends on the client. We have many clients that hire workers at a full time level, but clients can also hire workers on a part time basis as well. A lot of clients will start with a worker on a part time basis and then increase their hours once they see their productivity and are happy with the worker-client relationship that is being created. At this time, we do not allow workers into our network that only want full time positions.

How do I communicate with my clients?

It is up to your client how they decide to communicate with you. Most clients communicate with their workers throug Skype, email, phone, text, Viber, WhatsApp, or Slack. When you get hired by a client, you should ask the client how they prefer to communicate so that you can take note of it. This is an easy way to make your clients happy!

Getting Paid

Are there any fees associated with FreeeUp?

There are no sign up or monthly fees to working through FreeeUp. There is a 15% fee off the rate that clients pay for workers with a $2.00 minimum. FreeeUp does not cover transaction fees when paying workers, but we do everything in our power to minimize them as much as possible.

How do I get paid for the work I log with clients?

You are paid every week for the hours that you worked the previous billing period on a 1 week delay. You have the option of being paid through Payoneer or PayPal. When you are set up with your FreeeUp worker account, you will be advised on how to set up your payment method. As you work for clients each day, you will clock in and record the hours that you've worked with them.

Do I get to set my hourly rate?

You tell us your desired rate and we do our best to land you jobs with clients that are willing to pay your desired rate. You have the ability to reject jobs if they are not in your desired rate range. In general, the higher your rate, the less amount of clients that are interested in hiring.

How can I trust that FreeeUp will pay me every week?

FreeeUp has over 500 freelancers and growing on our platform who we pay each week without any issues. We partner with Payoneer and PayPal, two leading payment processing companies to make sure that all payments are made on time and secure. If there is ever an issue with your weekly pay, you can contact and we will work with you to get it resolved immediately.

FreeeUp Software

How do I clock in for my clients?

Once you log into your FreeeUp worker account, you will see a button to Punch In. Once you click that button, you will have the ability to choose the client that you are choosing to clock in for. When you are finished with your shift, you will punch out from your client and leave a comment outlining what you were able to achieve during your shift. The hours will be stored in your account as well as the client's account for the billing period. You can also use this training video to learn more:

How do I track the hours I've billed to my clients?

To view the total hours that you've billed to your clients in a given billing period or for all time, click on the Clients tab in your FreeeUp worker account. This will present you with a full list of the clients that have hired you through FreeeUp. On this page, you will also be able to see the total number of hours that you've billed to the clients corresponding to the dates that you were clocked in. To view the total hours that you've logged each billing period, click on the "Timecard" button and you will be able to filter by the billing period.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! Glad that you asked. FreeeUp has an amazing referral program that most workers and clients tap into as an additional source of income through the FreeeUp platform. For all clients that you refer, we pay you $0.50 for every hour that they bill forever. Similarly, for all workers that you refer, we pay you $0.25 for every hour that they work through FreeeUp forever. Many of our workers receive referral monies each week increasing the amount they are earning per week. All referall earnings will be recorded on each weekly billing period so you can see how much you are earning. To refer clients, you can use the unique Affiliate URL located in the Affiliate section of your FreeeUp worker account. To refer workers, simply have them mention your name when they apply. You can also move over your clients that are outside of the FreeeUp platform to bill through FreeeUp for a lower fee than what is normally charged.