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Our workers are first come, first serve

This means that if you hire a worker for 5 hours/week, we will be trying to fill their other available hours with other clients.

If you hire a worker for a one-time project then don't talk to them for 3 months, they may or may not be available if you come back for more work.

With that said, we take pride in trying not to switch workers on you when you find one that you love!

Choose the level of worker you need

We offer three levels of workers to fit the needs of your business.

Lower Level Workers

A reliable, quick-learning worker that has a background in the skill set you are hiring for. Tasks that lower level workers perform for one client is different than what they perform for another client. Some extent of training is highly recommended. Best for clients who have systems and processes already in place and are simply looking for a reliable worker to run the day to day operations.

Mid Level Workers

Significant experience in their skill set and usually only require specific training about your business and processes, if it is applicable to your company. For example, a mid-level worker may specialize in listing products on Amazon or Amazon FBA, but they will not be able to run an Amazon account top to bottom. Mid-level workers are more specialized performers than consultants.


All of our experts work the same way. In the first 1-2 billed hours, they meet with you to discuss goals and expectations. They then perform research, create an action plan, and present hourly estimates. You can work with the expert to make adjustments then approve the action plan. Once approved, the expert begins execution.

When hiring a worker, you always have two options:

1) Set Schedule

The worker follows a schedule based off of your preferences of hours per day and week. There are no minimums with this option. You can schedule a worker 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday or once a week for a 1 hour block. With this option, you know that the worker is yours during that time period. Just be aware that if the worker shows up for scheduled shifts and does not receive work, they may pick up other clients.

2) On Call

This type of work is first-come, first-serve and is not always instant depending on when the request is sent. This is best for clients who are not in a constant rush to get things done. If you have consistent on-call work that is in a rush, it makes most sense to have 2-3 workers on your team so you can provide a project and the first person free can grab it!

How Our Workers Work

Our workers will only move forward when you approve the hours.

If there needs to be an increase in the estimate, they will ask for your approval and only move forward once you have given them the go ahead.

If our workers bill hours without approval, you are not responsible for those hours. We protect our clients so they don't receive invoices for hours they did not previously approve.

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