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Promote your personal brand using remote freelancers

We are in an age where people are online most of the day.  Send a personal message to a friend or colleague via Facebook and you’ll get a reply within the hour.

That’s how powerful the internet and social media has become.  It’s become somewhat of a necessity. People would not be able to live without them.  Let’s face it, it’s now up there at the same level as food and shelter, don’t you think?

With this power that social media possess, it has also become a medium for growing businesses.  It’s become a vehicle for people to sell stuff and market their company services and that’s all good.

What bothers me the most is when someone sells me something out of the blue and their profile pic is a company logo.  First of all, I don’t know who I’m dealing with.  Second is that he or she doesn’t even have a face!

I understand that cold selling has become somewhat tolerable but I still prefer dealing with “someone” instead of “something.”

I prefer dealing with someone whose bio I can check instead of someone who pitches me his or her product while hiding a company logo.  I don’t think I’m inclined to buy.

People like to deal with and buy from people and that’s a fact, which is why personal branding is extremely important especially for startups or small businesses because it is through this brand that people can identify.

Personal Branding

Personal branding strengthens your reputation and builds you up as a thought leader or an authority in the industry or niche you belong to.  It helps people not only build confidence in you but also in your products and services.

Ever wonder why Apple products are so popular that people line up just to get the latest version of the iPhone?  Or why people continue to support Facebook’s updates or Tesla’s newest car?

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk have done great at branding themselves, that’s why.  They’ve made their faces their companies’ brands.  The mere mention of their products makes you remember them and because you trust them.

You know you’re getting something of absolute quality.

So how exactly does personal branding benefit your reputation?

  1. It’s the best way to gain people’s trust because you’re as human as can be.
  2. It helps build relationships with your customer because they will begin following you on social media.
  3. It helps expand your reach because people value what you say and preach.  If you give advice or promote one of your products, people will share it.
  4. The content you produce helps build a strong following especially when done consistently.  People will start craving for more of what you have to offer.
  5. Once your popularity skyrockets, you then become an authority figure or an influencer.  People will follow your advice and buy just about anything you put out.

Growing your personal brand

Establishing a personal brand is not that simple though because you’ve got a lot on your plate to begin with.

If you’re going to grow your personal brand, you need to be active on social media.  It will not only extend your reach, it will also help you generate additional income.

While not as complicated, building your brand through social media requires certain expertise which is why using remote freelancers for this task will be a wise decision.  By doing this, you can take care of the more important stuff.

Social media isn’t a single channel only though.  It’s not just about Facebook or Twitter.  You need to be active in channels where ads are marketable so you can further extend your reach and attract more audiences.

The good news is, there are freelancers available who are good at this.

Using remote freelancers to promote your brand will not only help free up your time, it will also help grow your brand.

Below are some of the ad types you can begin with by using remote freelancers to craft advertisements that sell and build brand reputation:

Facebook Ads

Perhaps the most popular among ad types, Facebook ads is by far the best way to extend your reach and generate income in the process.  Using a remote freelancer to create and run campaigns for you will definitely save you time.

Running campaigns require familiarity and expertise of the subject.  Being an entrepreneur may not allow you the time to research on how to effectively use it to contribute to your business.

Facebook is the biggest social media channel today with 2.07 billion active users to date.  When you’ve got someone who knows how to target the right audience, it’s almost certain that you’re headed for success.

Google Adwords

There’s no question that Google is the number one search engine today (and for quite some time already).  It’s no mystery that every website has been going all out to rank on Google over any other search engine.

Google Adwords is Google’s online advertising service which allows business owners to pay for advertisements within the Google ad network.  The goal is to buy ads that instantly show up for certain keyword searches.

As we all know, showing up on the first page of a web search increases the chances of someone visiting your website. This will get more eyes on the products and services you offer.

Using remote freelancers to do this for you will not only increase profitability, it will also increase followers and potential customers.

YouTube Ads

With over 1.3 billion users worldwide in 2017, YouTube has become a social media juggernaut much like Facebook is. It will be a waste not to be able to take advantage of its potential reach.

While there are free ways to increase subscriber count, using YouTube Ads definitely makes a ton of difference.  With YouTube Ads, the probability of being seen will more than double because your video gets shown before the main video the user chose.

It is a known fact as well that people are highly visual and prefer pictures or videos to reading long, boring content.  Using remote freelancers who have good eyes for editing videos can definitely increase your reach.

It only takes a few seconds to capture audience’s attention.  If you have someone who has rich experience in videos, your chances of getting noticed will definitely increase.

Amazon PPC Ads

Amazon PPC is Amazon’s very own form of online advertising that allows sellers and vendors to run ads on the Amazon platform for the products they sell.

Considered to be one of the most valuable brands worldwide, Amazon has become one of the biggest e-commerce platforms over the years with the popularity of online stores and retailers reaching new heights.

It is no wonder Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is now the richest man alive.

Managing an online store requires a lot of work.  From product inventory to customer service, it is quite obvious that running this kind of business is not a one-man show.

Using remote freelancers for various tasks will definitely help.  If you can get a dedicated person to take care of your Amazon PPC ads it will help a lot more because of visibility.

If users can see your product on every page they visit or after every product search they perform, that’s a big win on your end.


Using remote freelancers for your business is a win-win situation.  Though it has its own set of risks, it still provides your business a better chance of succeeding.

It is critical to get help in the early stages especially when it comes to promoting your brand.  No one will buy from you if they don’t know you and if they don’t trust you.

Personal branding can make this happen.  With the right person handling social media and marketing, the future of your business will look promising.

If you are a new business owner trying to create and promote your personal brand and would like to hire a remote freelancer, we encourage you to become a FreeeUp client by signing up today.


Noel Rosos writerNoel Rosos is a personal development writer, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and founder of Life’s How You Live It, a personal development blog dedicated to helping people live the life they’ve always dreamed of.  He is also a writer/contributor for Arianna Huffington’s wellness site, Thrive Global.  He is an affiliate marketer, a full-time husband and father, and a self-proclaimed FAILUROLOGIST.



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