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Audio is the newest medium that entrepreneurs are using for digital content marketing. Starting a podcast show for your business is a challenge, especially for beginners. It’s difficult to run a show, let alone launch a podcast if you can’t even find time from running your store or your website.

Work-Life balance is important for both personal and business growth. It is to no surprise that entrepreneurs are tapping into the freelance market to take care of their business needs. It takes more than one person to launch a podcast show. Outsourcing some of the basic and repetitive tasks in podcast production to a remote workforce will help you maximize podcasting as your new means of revenue.

In this article, let us explore the ways that launching a podcast can help you as an entrepreneur. Moreover, as beginners, you would want to take advantage of the services of remote freelancers to create your very first podcast show.

Smart Passive Income

launch a podcast

Based on 2018 statistics, more and more entrepreneurs are looking at how to launch a podcast to boost their marketing efforts. This is because of the steady rise of the online radio audience. Other than music channels, 42 million Americans (and counting) listen to podcasts for entertainment and personal growth.

First off — What is a podcast?

For beginners, you can say that podcasts are on-demand online radio talk shows. The content of the audio recordings is either a conversation between a host and a guest speaker or the host simply sharing his or her thoughts. The subject of each episode depends on the area of expertise of the talk show host or guest. It can range from business to travel, fitness, academics, and many more.

Now the next question is — Why launch a podcast and how will it help your business?

According to experts, starting a podcast benefits any entrepreneur or business organization. This unconventional way of promoting business is becoming a valuable marketing strategy. You use your podcast show to become the voice of your brand. Within just a few episodes, you attract potential customers, you build your credibility as an expert in your field, and you spread your brand across the world wide web.

Also, it’s fun to do podcasts! You will enjoy talking to different influencers in your field, learn a lot from their experiences, and share it to your loyal followers who — in turn — will help drive traffic to your website and increase sales.

Getting Help From Remote Talent

launch a podcast

Thinking to launch a podcast? Hire freelancers to help you!

Outsourcing is big among business owners because they know that it is one of the factors that contribute to their success. There are a lot of advantages to hiring remote freelancers and we are here to discuss it briefly.

  • Running a business involves a lot of repetitive and time-consuming tasks. By hiring freelancers to help you in different areas of your operations, you can focus more on growing your business as a whole.
  • Freelancers work from different parts of the world and therefore have different rates. You can get the same amount and quality of work from a remote expert at a lower price.
  • Hiring experts is more efficient than doing everything on your own half-baked. It would save so much time if things are done by experienced freelancers who can complete tasks quickly and correctly.
  • Remote professionals can work in different time zones. You can have work done by a freelancer during off hours. You can use the time to be with your friends, family, or work on your personal growth.

The Logistics In Launching Your First Podcast

launch a podcast

Any project you want to start on needs careful preparation. It takes a lot of planning to launch a podcast but it becomes easier when you take it step-by-step. We have outlined the top 10 most common tasks freelancers can help you in creating a great podcast show.

1. Creating Your Podcast Name

There are a lot of things to consider when trying to come up with a name for your podcast. For one, it should be related to your business; something that is fit for you and your brand. Two, it must be easy to remember. Witty titles always make the cut. Three, it should be search engine optimized. This is where you will need a freelancer who specializes in SEO.

An SEO specialist knows how to incorporate the right keywords in your podcast title to make it easier for your target audience to find you. Furthermore, placing the right words on the title gives the listeners a good idea of who you are and what you can offer. In the online world where competition is fierce, you need to stand out and be clear for people to notice and follow you.

2. Creating Your Podcast Cover

launch a podcast

It doesn’t mean that because you are dealing with audio, you no longer have to worry about visuals. Artwork cover is one of the requirements when trying to launch a podcast for your business. It is, in fact, the first thing the audience experience in your podcast and it influences their decision whether to stay and listen or leave. But not everyone has the knack for being creative, right?

Hiring a freelance designer is your best choice. They will work with you on conceptualizing a great artwork for your podcast. Elements such as colors, font, and overall design reflect your brand and what you want to convey to your customers.

3. Script Writing

If you want to launch a podcast that sells, you need to be able to think of topics that will interest your audience. It takes skills and experience to be able to write for the ear. Without any visuals, your story-telling is just right down the middle. A boring narration is catastrophic. An effective script where the discussion flows naturally yet still able to stir the thoughts of your listeners is necessary.

Writing for a blog versus a podcast is different. For this particular task, you need a freelance writer who has experience writing for podcasts. If you don’t write for a living, you obviously need to hire someone who can do the work for you. You need scripts regularly so this position is very important.

4. Scheduling Recordings

launch a podcast

Knowing how many times you need to publish an episode and when to upload it is one of the key strategies when doing podcasts. According to Buffer, 60% of podcasts who post regularly schedule their recordings to publish early in the week. Tuesday was found to be the best day to post because iTunes releases new music on that day weekly. Traffic is highest on Tuesdays which you can take advantage of when you launch a podcast.

Such strategies are planned well by digital marketing experts. They are updated with the latest trends and are also skilled in analyzing consumer behavior.

5. Editing audio/video

After recording an entry, you need to polish it to make it presentable to your audience. Editing skills can be learned easily, however, it is the time that you need to allot to this task everyday that becomes a problem. There are audio podcasts and video podcasts. Some owners use both and therefore, it takes more time to do the editing.

You can take advantage of the skills and experience of professional video editors to take this task off your plate. They have access to different tools and knows video/audio effects that will enhance your recording.

6. Uploading all to iTunes and other podcast sites

launch a podcast

This is one of the basic tasks when you plan to launch a podcast. Your final recording, of course, needs to be made available to the listening public. Where to upload and make your podcast live baffles every newbie which is why hiring a freelancer to do this for you is efficient.

There are a handful of media hosting sites online. You can choose to either use a media host as a website for all of your podcasts or use it to simply store your audio files. Uploading podcasts to multiple directories helps expand your reach and get more listeners.

7. Transcription

Consumers each have their preferences. For some, it is more effective to understand what they are listening when they can see the people talking. Some quickly understand what they hear while others prefer to read and listen. Some entrepreneurs think that podcast transcription is not necessary because it defeats the purpose of listening to the audio. It is not required, however, transcribing your recordings have its own advantages when trying to launch a podcast.

Podcast transcriptions help leverage your content by giving your audience options. This task requires listening skills and a good command of the language you are using. It’s very time consuming. Hiring a freelance transcriber will definitely help you meet your deadlines in uploading your podcasts.

8. Content Strategy

launch a podcast

Content strategy involves a lot of stuff and is one of the most challenging tasks in digital marketing. You need to develop a plan, create content, optimize it using keywords, proof, and promote it. How will you do all of these when you’re busy enough recording audios every week for your podcast? Hire an expert.

A content strategist is capable of targeting the right audience to listen to your podcasts. Together, you can come up with relevant and interesting topics that will not only drive traffic to your website but also engage your customers to share your content or buy your products and/or services.

9. Promotion

As a podcaster, your goal is to promote your content and connect with people who have the same interests as you. There are a lot of strategies that you can use to promote your podcast and you can either work on it alone or get help from a marketing expert.

Typically, after you launch a podcast, you need to distribute the recordings to several digital media directories with millions of users to grow your audience. Optimizing your website is also a great idea by having your designer put in subscribe buttons and links. You simply need to get everyone talking about you.

10. Creating a website

launch a podcast

Lastly, your podcast needs a website for several reasons:

  • You have a home for your podcasts that people can visit any time to listen or know more about your brand.
  • The content is yours and is uploaded and paid for.
  • You can take advantage of funnels.
  • Through your website and your podcasts, you can build a thriving community online.

Freelance platforms like FreeeUp have a wide pool of talents, including web developers and designers, from all over the world. With just a few clicks, you can hire someone who will help you in launching your first ever podcast show.


To be able to launch a podcast for the first time is a rewarding challenge. It enhances your digital content marketing and could be your source of passive income. Being a podcaster needs as much time as running your online store. It will take all of your attention if you do both. Outsourcing tasks to freelancers can make it easier., one of the leading hiring experts for global freelancers, has also ventured into podcasting as a part of their content marketing strategy. In addition to business tip articles like these on our blog, our founders — Nathan and Connor — are now hosting podcast shows. Check out and listen to their latest episode here.

If you want to know more about podcasts, schedule a phone call with Nate to share his experience and discuss more on how FreeeUp will find the right people to help you.

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