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Shopify freelancers are a great asset to any online store running on this platform. As Shopify site owners know, the platform is an awesome tool for selling online. Not every business owner is a technical genius, however. Shopify has tried to make their system as simple as possible, of course. However, some things are still better left to expert Shopify freelancers. From setting up your store to maintaining and updating it with new content and products to managing inventory and customer service, Shopify freelancers can take a load of your back so you can actually enjoy the freedom of being a business owner.

Site Build

Hire Shopify freelancers to get your store up and running. As experts, they know exactly what they’re doing. You can choose to set up your store yourself, of course, but Shopify freelancers offer distinct advantages.

Why spend your time and energy when there are better things to focus on? You are trying to build a business. There are many other concerns that need your attention right now if you want to be able to get off the ground soon and start seeing some results. Shopify freelancers can get the site set up much faster, too. They have a lot of experience and can get it done quickly.

Moreover, Shopify freelancers can get things done without the usual glitches that you would expect to experience if you tried it yourself. This saves you even more time, not to mention the frustration that you would inevitable face when you can’t get things to work right. Shopify freelancers know how to work the system without breaking a sweat.

Site Design

The appearance of your site is almost as important as its functionality. You may have a store live on the internet with a few products and working payments. If it doesn’t look great, though, you might scare potential customers away. Shoppers have so many options these days. They like to feel comfortable on a site, and will doubt your reliability as a seller if your site looks like you don’t take care of it. Shopify freelancers will make sure that the site is easy to use and presents a high-quality feel.

Another aspect to consider is your brand image. You are building your brand and your online store should reflect this. Shopify freelancers know how to work with the platform to make the necessary changes. They can take your logo, colors and other collateral and shape the site around these elements. Being familiar with all the theme options on Shopify, they can take your brand message and work within the platform to create the best possible reflection of your brand. This preserves your brand’s visual identity and properly communicates it to your target market.

Amazon Integration

If you’re also selling on Amazon, you need to get your Shopify site all set up to work with FBA. Have you done this previously with another Shopify site? You may already know how to put all this together. If not, Shopify freelancers can again come in handy. Besides, there’s always that element of your time better spent on more pressing matters that only you can handle.

Shopify integrates wonderfully with Amazon to track orders and inventory. Save yourself the trouble and hand all this over to Shopify freelancers to take care of. They know their way around the system and can check on any bugs that rear their ugly heads. Just send over your Amazon account details and they’ll have it done before you can say, “What’s up with the inventory tracking?”

Do you already have products uploaded on your Shopify site? After integrating with your Amazon account, you’ll need Shopify freelancers to go in there and update each product to be tracked by Amazon. This way, you get an accurate inventory reading. One of the best things about the integration is not having to keep track of inventory in more than one place.

Product Uploads and Maintenance

You want to grow your business once you get through the first stages. As you grow, you will be adding new products to your store. Again, you don’t need to go through the trouble of doing this yourself. Shopify freelancers know all the sections that need to be filled in and what image sizes to use and how to order the images, etc. Just send them the Amazon listings that you want them to copy or send them raw files and they can create your Shopify products so they show beautifully on your store.

Just like on Amazon or any other eCommerce marketplace, you will want to have your products in the right categories. Categories help shoppers find what they are looking for without having to go though everything on your site. You want them to have the best experience, and Shopify freelancers can get everything nice and organized or you. They can even create specific category images to make your site more appealing as customers browse your collections.

As you grow, you will learn a lot of things from your customers. To create a better experience for them and more profits for you, you will need to implement changes from time to time. Give these to your Shopify freelancers to work with. They have the experience needed to make good suggestions and to discuss with you all the possibilities and implications of different changes.

Customer Service

The customer is always right, and you have to keep on your toes where their comments are concerned. Whether its good or bad feedback, staying in close communication with customers is a very important task. Customer service is one of the main areas that can make or break your business. Keep your customers happy and assured that they are important to you by having Shopify freelancers available to them whenever they need something.

You have probably built up relationships with at least a few customers, especially when you were just starting out. You might even have enjoyed the process. As you get bigger, however, you will not have as much time as you used to. Shopify freelancers can be a big help in this area, taking on the bulk of customer communications so you can focus on only the special cases and give them your full attention.

Shopify Freelancers Rates

You might think that Shopify freelancers come at a premium. They are experts, after all, and can do so many things. There isn’t just one person that you can hire to do these various tasks, however. You can hire different Shopify freelancers for different aspects of your store, from different parts of the world. There are developers and designers, inventory and order management specialists, product uploaders and customer service representatives, and many more. Shopify freelancers offer their services at varying rates, depending on the level of skill required and where they live and work. Check out the available Shopify freelancers within the FreeeUp marketplace to learn more about what they can do.

Over to You

What eCommerce tasks do you need to get off your plate? Make a list of each on today. Go over the FreeeUp skills page and identify the Shopify freelancers and other workers that you can hire today to free up your time. Valuing your time is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.


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