In the current internet age, a lot of things have changed and the internet is becoming the primary marketplace for business, more than ever. Additionally, a growing segment of businesses and professionals exist who operate their businesses and brands remotely through the world wide web. Not only is this trend growing, but it is growing exponentially and remote workers are now working fulltime from home or remote offices across a vast segment of industries and sectors. The idea of a remote worker is nothing new. However, until the current global internet age, it was simply unrealistic to attempt to hire or work in this manner. In today’s market, a growing group of entrepreneurs and start-ups are basing their entire operations online, opening up the possibility to hire remote workers like never before in history.

For retail and e-commerce brands that operate online, platforms exist that make it easy, affordable and efficient to run a business and manage online workers. One such platform is Shopify, and according to Websitebuilder’s figures on Shopify’s own worker structure, they themselves currently hire remote workers from over 5 countries.

Here is why using Shopify and remote workers can truly help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals and build your business, tapping into the vast network of the global remote workforce on the Internet.

Why Use Shopify

Shopify is one of the biggest and most trusted e-commerce solutions available on the market. Not only is it used to power the sites and online stores of over 400,000 merchants, but its adopters are also some of the biggest multi-national brands on the planet. Red Bull, Penguin Books, and Tesla Motors are all big companies that use Shopify to power their e-commerce solutions. Additionally, Shopify is a highly customizable solution with over 100 themes and 1400 apps which make getting the functionality you want quick and easy.

For those of us who aren’t as computer savvy, Shopify has a host of online guides and a small army of gurus that are available to solve and help with Shopify set-up, troubleshooting, and administration. These gurus have sent over 1.3 million emails to merchants, 846,000 live chats and over 636,000 calls – all ensuring that merchants’ sites are running smoothly. Considering Shopify has such amazing customer support, and their blog and guides are easy to follow, setting up your e-commerce platform and then running it is straightforward with Shopify. In the event of problems or bugs, support is quick to obtain.

Build Your Business from Anywhere

One of the best parts of using Shopify is that it is not geo-dependent and you can run your business remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. This has given rise to a new class of entrepreneur known online as the digital nomad. These digital nomads are people who operate businesses remotely and spend most of their time traveling.

In Asia, for example, many westerners have used Shopify to build businesses that are 100% on the internet, and make enough to fuel their expat lifestyles in countries like Thailand and Cambodia. The idea of working and running a successful business from a beautiful and exotic beach is an opportunity many people dream of. With Shopify, this dream is within reach and accessible to anyone.

As office or showroom rentals, transportation and other location-based business overhead costs are eliminated, the cost of start-up is drastically reduced. Aside from the cost of the websites, fixed costs are well below the traditional costs of opening a business with a fixed location and dedicated real estate. Considering that, unlike a fixed location, the internet allows you to have access to customers on a global level, it would be the equivalent of opening a chain of stores or offices that have similar reach and customer potential as an online Shopify e-commerce solution.

For those looking to spend less time away from home, Shopify is already empowering a generation of home-based businesses that allow their owners the flexibility of working from where they want, when they want and how they want.

Why Hire Remotely for Your Shopify Site

When it comes to hiring workers, going remote is a growing trend. They offer key advantages to both the business owner and worker sides. For the worker, similar advantages of not being location dependent and lowered transportation costs allow them to work from home or while traveling. For a business owner using Shopify, hiring remote workers can be hugely beneficial.

Sometimes the best option for your company is on the other side of the world. Allowing these experts to work from their locations means you have access to a global remote workforce on an international marketplace. Additionally, as these workers are generally considered freelance or consultant-based, their incentive packages including health care and expense accounts are reduced or eliminated. When it comes to Shopify, adding sales reps from other regions adds the benefit of having sales workers that span the globe and can speak various languages and dialects.

In essence, hiring remotely allows a company to have a global remote workforce without the overhead of opening satellite offices or storefronts in target regions. A great example is if you wanted to target a campaign in India. A remote worker based in India who speaks the language and understands the culture could be set up through Shopify to be available for all on-demand informational requests from that region. This can easily be done by isolating the IP address of traffic and routing it to sales reps in specific regions that speak specific languages.

Use Shopify To Build Passive Income

Another great advantage of setting up a Shopify-powered site is the ability to build passive income and ensure your startup is successful prior to quitting your current job. With Shopify, it is possible to continue to work your current job and administer your site during your breaks and over lunch. Additionally, in the event that your business fails, you would still have your job and wouldn’t need to worry about seeking out a new one.

This has actually worked for a growing number of entrepreneurs looking to build a business online, who weren’t financially able to quit their present jobs to make their business dreams a reality. By working in their spare time, an entrepreneur can build their client and customer bases and ensure their financial needs are met before jumping full time into their new endeavor.

Many of the internet entrepreneurs who are using Shopify to build a passive income open multiple sites through a variety of sectors. Although no single business can support their financial needs, the accumulated smaller sales of multiple sites can. Building a passive income without the risk or added stress of failure is a huge benefit to using Shopify and working remotely until your idea takes off.

Final Thoughts

As the internet and platforms like Shopify that act as its backbone continue to grow, more and more businesses are seeing the potential of using remote workers to grow their businesses. Brands in today’s marketplace can use Shopify to power their e-commerce solutions, and a global remote workforce to push their products and services.

Whether, like digital nomads, you choose to administer and run your business from a remote location or you build a site to slowly establish your brand passively while working on your current situation, the benefits of hiring and working remotely are huge. Not only does it give you access to a global remote workforce, but saves you money on overhead and start-up fees.

Furthermore, Shopify is a great tool to power your website. It’s simple to implement and easy to customize. Among the Shopify reviews collected by, you will find a lot of real stories of merchants using Shopify. Last year alone, over 400,000 merchants attracted over 100 million shoppers to their Shopify sites, and the numbers are growing; in fact, nearly doubling year on year consistently over the last decade. Leveraging Shopify and a global remote workforce is a great way to get your ideas off the ground and build your entrepreneurial dreams, making them a reality.

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