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The purpose of business blogs is to communicate either with the internal business environment or with the public. Internal blog posts promote communication between different layers in the company. External blog posts are more like press releases, only less formal. Blogs are more personal than a corporate website and are mostly used for public relations. Business blogs give a glimpse of the activities in the company.

Running the business while at the same time writing for the blog could lead to the neglect of the blog and making mistakes. Being a small business, one may not afford to pay a full-time writer so you may have to consider hiring a small business freelance writer to work either weekly or monthly depending on the blog.

A professional small business freelance writer is more dedicated and disciplined when it comes to writing and blogging. You can find one from anywhere in the world, and all communication is done online so no commute is necessary. So, how do you determine if your small business needs such help? Let’s examine 10 signs that will indicate you do.

1. Lack of New Ideas

Working alone, one can easily run out of ideas, but when working with someone else, you can get different perspectives on issues. Business writing needs fresh ideas, and having a small business freelance writer will ensure that there is a constant flow of original ideas without getting stuck. These writers also have a better knowledge of social media engagement and can capture new clients through creative writing.

A freelance writer has the characteristics of creativity and initiative; they also have a lot of ideas that they are always ready to share with you. This can be attributed to the fact that they interact with various clients during the course of their work, and the cumulative experiences with different people make them a creative lot!

2. Lack of Persuasive Content

Not being a professional writer, you’ll most likely struggle coming up with persuasive content, and this might cause readers to prefer your competitor’s blog even though you offer better products and services. A small business freelance writer will create an impressive post for your blog. They already know that it has to target a specific audience and understand that your blog visitors are looking for information. Persuasive writing should be self-explanatory. Your blog should simply have a small statement of what it is that you do by using bullet points and short sentences that are straight to the point. All these are aspects of writing blog posts that a freelance writer knows too well.

3. Poorly Written Content

When the content on a blog is good, it serves its purpose – educating potential customers by giving them the information that they are looking for. Well written blogs should inspire readers to want to buy what you’re selling. If your blog is not making any sales, it might be because you have poorly written content. A small business freelance writer is equipped with the skills to create high quality posts that will keep readers glued to your blog!

4. You Are Promoting Other People’s Content Instead of Your Own

Curating and sharing content is a good way of showing that you don’t only care about your own blog. At the same time, you might find that you are promoting your competitor’s blog more than your own. This is not a bad thing, even though it doesn’t make much business sense if you’re not benefiting too – it has to be mutual!

A small business freelance writer will use his/her acquired skills to promote your competitor’s content while also making your content relevant. They will ensure that if your users are looking for content on shared blogs, your posts have similar information or they will lead them to your site. As much as your competitors will get clients from your posts, make sure that you get some for yourself too.

5. Minimal Understanding of SEO

Search engines love fresh content. Your blog needs to have new, good quality content in order to rank highly in the results. To achieve this, you’ll have to post frequently. This can be overwhelming for someone without a proper background in writing. Finding keywords to target certain audiences is quite a challenge – that’s why lousy content and SEO don’t mix!

A small business freelance writer helps with optimizing the right keywords to boost ranking and traffic. Plus, having plenty of well-written content will encourage people to stay on your blog as you continue to engage them. This will help turn them into company believers and hopefully into leads that convert.

6. When You Realize Your Blog Is Not Making Sales

The ultimate goal of any business blog is to increase sales. You’d need to have informative content that will make you an industry leader and a valued resource of information when it comes to matters in your industry. This will lead to clients trusting you. An effective blog should be able to reach as many users as possible to get as many clients as possible. Once the owner of the blog realizes that the blog does not bring in clients, they should consider hiring a small business freelance writer. The writer will employ various techniques to help advertise the site through social media and platforms where they are likely to find new users and market for the products.

7. Lack of Good Communication Skills

Communication is very important in every relationship, and this applies to business, too. Blogging is a way of communicating with new and existing customers. Blogs should encourage customers to ask questions and comment on products. This will make businesses know the needs of their clients and prospects. Most freelancers have top-notch communication skills – it’s the foundation of their abilities. They are capable of expressing themselves through conveying ideas or thoughts to their clients. Small business freelance writers also have experience of using different mediums of communicating with customers.

8. Lack of Dedication and Discipline

Running a small business and running a blog yourself might be cumbersome. If writing is not your strong suit, with time, you will tend to get bored. Since blogs need a lot of attention and can be time-consuming, having a freelance writer will ease the weight of your duties.

A small business freelance writer is available and flexible; they can work any time of the day without asking for overtime. Freelancers can work at night and give results by morning. They work excellently with no need for supervision. When doing something for a living, you get efficient at it. Conversely, trying to learn an unfamiliar set of skills is time-consuming and can be destructive. Hiring small business freelance writers who are fast will save up time and resources.

9. Your Competitors Are Outdoing You

When you learn that your competitor’s content is more compelling than yours, your company should start looking for a qualified writer. Your business blog could be offering better services and products, but if their content is better than yours, they will end up getting more clients. Clients who make buying decisions through blogs will buy from one that has great content. Great blog content should be explaining what services you offer to customers. A small business freelance writer is great at creating content that targets prospective clients at a level that may not be reached by a business owner without blogging experience.

10. Need for a Digital Marketer

Blogging is one of many types of content marketing. Digital marketing rates blogs as the top of the funnel in content advertising. Blogs help in identifying audiences, tackling problems they might be facing, and looking for ways to solve them.

Here, a small business freelance writer will deal with digital marketing angles like analyzing headlines, researching keywords, reviewing existing content, comparing it with competitors, and so much more. This makes it quite clear that digital marketing should not be done by just anyone. When not done correctly, it could cost the company a lot of prospects.


If you can spot the above mistakes in your blog posts, then it’s time to hire a freelance writer!

Business blogs require time and attention. Writing posts yourself might seem cheaper, but it is more time-consuming. You might also lack some skills. Since there are other things that you can focus on, hire dedicated and passionate freelance writers to handle the company’s business blog. These writers are well equipped with relevant skills and can work with minimal supervision. They are also more familiar with the media available to efficiently communicate ideas. They will identify what’s missing on your blog and remove overused ideas while helping you come up with new ones. Some businesses might not be able to afford a full-time writer, but you can always can hire a small business freelance writer.


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Richard Nolan is a professional educator and team building coach, sharing his experience in spheres of writing, blogging, entrepreneurship, and psychology. Currently, Richard works as an editor-in-chief for EduBirdies. Follow him on Facebook.


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