This $140,000 lesson made me cry

A few years ago I had a series of home runs with my Amazon business. I had left my corporate job 7 years prior, and after years of hustle and hard work, things were finally flowing.

In my personal life, I had attracted a very healthy and fun relationship. Every day I was prioritizing my morning routine, exercising, meditating, reading and focusing on my goals. I was eating healthy and had a ton of energy. I felt on top of the world… 

I had also created a weekly mastermind group where I would regularly interact with other successful online business owners to support and encourage each other. 

Little did I know, I was about to learn one of the most important lessons of my life.

After a few months, my girlfriend and I decided to live together. This is when I started to make very costly mistakes. I got overconfident. I started to take my disciplined morning routine and weekly mastermind group for granted. 

To make things worse, after moving in with my partner, my old people-pleasing habit started to kick in. I started to prioritize my partner and my work over my own needs. Little by little I started to self-sabotage my success.


The downward cycle started slowly but picked up fast.

I started getting lazier, eating worse and skipping workouts. Then relationship problems started. Arguments, yelling, silent treatments, and so on. My partner was unhappy with me because I wasn’t able to give her quality attention because my mind was constantly preoccupied with my business worries. Facebook and Amazon algorithm changes. Team management issues. Competition. 

I was constantly feeling anxious. After hours of work in isolation, I couldn’t shut off my brain. Drinking. junk food and porn sites became my new escape. Then things got worse. My past addictive patterns started to creep in. I missed the old party drugs. 

Long story short — Shit hit the fan.

The arguments got worse. Cash flow issues got worse. Until finally, my partner left.

I was an emotional mess. I couldn’t think clearly. I didn’t have my support group to go to and not surprisingly, my business and income took a big hit. 

I was crushed. I was pretty much finished. I remember crying for hours in the shower. “What the hell just happened?” I was in deep agony. I was blaming life and my ex, but mostly I was angry at myself.

After many challenging months, I came to a point that I had to make a choice. I realized I was either going to kill myself or I had to let go of the past. So I decided to choose the latter. 

I forgave myself for the mistakes I made. I forgave my ex for leaving me in the tough times. As I chose to forgive and let go, I found a new sense of hope and energy to get back on my feet again. 

1. The 7-Day Challenge

That’s when I started a new 7-day challenge with my unique morning routine, which I had developed over the past decade.This simple, 3-part routine was the one thing that I had always been able to rely on. It would instantly put me in a peak state of mind and would prepare me mentally, emotionally and physically to win the day. 

2. Rediscovering My Why

Next, I got reconnected to my why. 

I made a list of reasons why I had chosen to start my business to begin with. I wrote down things like how I value my freedom, making an impact and not wanting my future wife and child to have to go through the financial challenges I had growing up. 

This gave me a new sense of purpose and determination to overcome my challenges. 

3. Becoming Accountable

Lastly, I became accountable.

I joined a mastermind group which held me accountable and I started to interact with other successful people who shared my values. 

With these 3 simple changes, I started to see a rapid shift.

The changes were mostly internal, positive feelings at first. But within a few short months, my business and income started to come back. This was about 4 yrs ago.

  1. I’m now crushing it like never before.
    I’m in a new relationship with a much better partner. 
  2. My business is much more fun and fulfilling to run. 
  3. I am in a year-long committed mastermind group which keeps me outside my comfort zone.

The Quantum Model of Reality

What’s interesting is that I now have a scientific explanation of why having a morning routine is a matter of life and death for business owners. 

After studying the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza, the neuroscientist, I learned about the quantum model of reality. I learned that as the quantum observers of our lives, what we think and how we feel about our life and business has a direct effect on the experiences we attract to ourselves. 

So if we don’t prioritize our needs by having a morning routine, we get sucked back by the negativity of people and our own old programming and attract disasters into our lives. On the other hand, if we use our limited will power wisely to avoid distractions and focus on a single morning routine to feel good and empowered, we set ourselves up to attract positive circumstances into our lives. 

Not only that, but when we prioritize our health and well being we are able to respond to challenges from a resourceful state of mind, instead of reacting from fear. 

Sharing the Model

This discovery has been so life-changing for me that I started to share it with my business colleagues and clients. 

I have now taken over 3 dozen entrepreneurs through my 7-day morning routine breakthrough system. Based on my experience and their success it is a must-have for us home based business owners. 

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