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The entire effort of developing a website and promoting it on different channels is to achieve a sales target. Despite a responsive design and compelling sales copy, you may still be unable to understand the users because they are unable to obtain customer feedback about the different issues that they face.

There needs to be a mechanism for users to interact with you to help you improve your conversion ratio. Following are some of the useful user and customer feedback tools that can help you encourage the users to interact with sales and support workers rather than leaving the cart page unfinished.

  1. Magento Review Reminder

Magento Review Reminder is a useful extension for Magento based eCommerce websites. It allows the merchants to collect customer feedback and display it in a presentable manner on the front end. With the help of this tool, sellers can allow their valued buyers to rate and review products and services. This application is specifically developed for Magento users so that they can easily incorporate a mechanism of interaction with customers and record their experiences.

  1. Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction is designed to help companies that are offering software as a service. It allows them to learn customers’ opinions through conversations held among online communities. Companies will find it very helpful to be able to quickly interact with existing and potential customers by starting a dialogue, evaluating their problems, and answering them with improvements.

  1. User Echo

User Echo allows companies to offer a brilliant platform for customers to freely interact with the support workers or other representatives and record their feedback. With the help of tutorials, informational articles, and an active forum of experts, customers can either resolve the problem on their own or make use of the live chat feature. It is a must have service for companies to hear their customers and pursue higher conversions.

  1. UserVoice

This is one of the more innovative tools with respect to gathering customer feedback. This application compares current trends with expected ones and analyzes the additional features that customers are looking for. The data is obtained and segregated into different tasks to remove the hassle of understanding what is required by the customers and what needs to be done.

  1. AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting is an innovative platform for virtual meetings and webinars, which are result driven techniques of communicating with a targeted group of users. The concerned users are on-board via video calls and conferencing to instantly grab their opinions, suggestions, and any feedback for improvements. In most surveys, the data is lost or misinterpreted. This tool allows the stakeholders to submit their feedback in real time.

  1. Grab Feedback

GrabFeedback is one of the finest ways to carry surveys and acquire valuable information from customers. It requires that website owners share a link with their customers, who fill out a questionnaire and rate the product or service. With the help of the link, the webmaster can track the customers who have not contributed towards the improvement of the product so that they can reach out again and remind them to take action.

  1. Client Savvy

Client Savvy is yet another customer feedback tool that is offered as a service. It serves companies with appealing templates to carry out a survey about their products and services, provide an analysis of the submitted feedback, and incorporate an impressive follow-up procedure to evaluate the consumer experience. One cannot think about improvement without knowing how existing customers are experiencing the product or service.

  1. Qualaroo

Qualaroo is a quick method of engaging users and customers to give feedback. This useful widget can be used to display a floating popup on the screen with a question or two that encourages immediate feedback. The company simply prepares a few questions, add them to the popup window, and lets the users answer them.

  1. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a market leader in providing companies with a reliable tool for interacting with customers and grabbing their personal experiences. This tool is known for its extended customizability options which can help you personalize the surveys with a branded design and custom questions.

  1. Zendesk

Zendesk is basically a support application that allows webmasters to extend support to customers by submitting a ticket for the issues they face. It smoothes out the process of resolving the common issues users are facing with their purchases. Instead of writing a problem in an email and waiting for the reply, they can easily create a support ticket and share every minor detail to find the best solution.

  1. Crazy Egg

CrazyEgg is an advanced tool for evaluating consumer behavior on a website. It drafts heat maps to highlight the areas where users are most likely to spend their time and be engaged. With the help of this tool, companies can grab information like the percentage of the page that users scroll, the buttons they click, or the referral links they have used to get to a product page. With the help of heat maps, companies can easily evaluate and improve the placement of calls to action that assist them in pursuing higher conversions.

Final thoughts

The key to establishing a business and getting repeat customers lies in close communication, relationship building, and understanding needs. A company can boost sales if it is aware of the lack of features and other needs of a concerned community. With user feedback, they can mold their products or services in a way that yields higher conversions.


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