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Flexible, Enjoyable, and Handsome Payment are the three features of freelance writing. Being a paid freelance writer is a profession in itself and has helped a myriad of writers to earn the name, and fame. But not all writers who want to freelance get these opportunities for everything they write. Not all the creative minds get rich. The truth is not that sweet related to freelance writing. It is an occupation full of freedom and creativity. But there are several factors which make being a paid freelance writer challenging when you want to earn a living through it.

The most common and the top challenges to being a paid freelance writer are writer’s block, and lack of self-esteem which hits the mind after any rejection or uncertainty. These become barriers of a full-time writer.

We all know that the competition in every sector is sky-touching. To be a part of the race and to give fierce competition to every participant, you need to rely on planning every task. In addition to this, follow those directions which have worked for most of the people. These are the “career-saviors.”

Follow these tips to succeed as a paid freelance writer. These ways will ease your path and lead to the destination.

Rely on Guest Posts

Guest posting is the highest trending and very effective method to grow a following so you can find paid work. There are many websites which approach guest post writers to write for their platform. Effective sites also pay articulate writers thousands of dollars for a single post.

Sometimes it may take a lot of time before you reach the right opportunities, but stay inquisitive. Stick to it and always work to hone your skills as a paid freelance writer. You can also hire editors to proofread your content and give your best shot every time you work on an idea.

Write for Startups

These are the content-hungry businesses, and for the last five years, content has been ruling the world. Quality content is of utmost importance. Empower yourself by honing your writing skills and being that source of material for those businesses. It is difficult to your break as a paid freelance writer without any contacts, but eagerness and persuasiveness will help you to find the best platforms and build a record of successful projects. Learn the skill of persuading clients and use these tips to break away from the low-earning masses:

Build a strong personal brand

Give proof of social presence by sharing your work over different social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Learn the marketing fundamentals

Get to know some concepts of SEO

Start your own Blog

Once you have experience writing guest posts and have a minimum of 30 approved guest posts, you are all set to enter the blogging world with your own website. Along with pitching to various sites and writing for them, engage and attract your readers to your own platform. Sharing the content on social media platforms is also an excellent way to let people know what and how you write so you can build a reputation as a paid freelance writer.

Be a Kindle Author

The times have changed, and writers get a lot more opportunities now compared to before. The number of platforms on which they can showcase their talent and writing skills has increased. Kindle is one of these, and it sets the stage for writers to gain a wider audience who appreciate their work.

Kindle allows writers to self-publish books, leading to the widespread usage of the word authorpreneur. But to be a paid freelance writer, you need to have a firm grasp of your financial abilities as well as concentrate on your readers and their needs.

Don’t worry if you don’t find success with your first book. It may take time, so you need to be persistent.

In 2016, around 7.1 million e-book readers were shipped worldwide, and interestingly, out of all the books sold, 75% of them were Kindle e-books. Interested readers have been paying an average of $9.99 per month for around 1.4 million titles. The trend is on the rise, and it is good to be a part of it.

Choose the Niche that Interests You

Brainstorm and analyze your skills, checking for the topics that you can write on fluently. It can be anything from travel to assignment writing. Make the best choice and start working on that.

Copywriting is Also a Good Choice

You can think of writing sales letters, product descriptions, video scripts and a lot more as a paid freelance writer. It is the sort of writing which is focused on influencing the reader’s mind to take specific action. Working as a conversion-focused copywriter is an effective way to get paid. It will also prove beneficial in the long run should you decide to sell your own products. The handsome income you get from copywriting tasks are the byproducts of a high-converting sales page.

Find Potential Clients on Twitter

Twitter is an emerging platform for paid freelance writer gigs. Along with being an online news and social networking service provider, it is a great place to find freelance work. It is a social media site where you can start building relationships with potential clients. Follow the right boards on Twitter, and pitch to get the right projects.

Get in Touch with Other Freelance Writers

Widen up your network with other freelance writers. You need to work on not being so competitive while working with them, but talking to other content writers can help you to get more in-depth insight into different topics. Their opinion on a starting rate can also change your entire view on becoming a paid freelance writer. Truly successful people will always be willing to interact with you and help you. I have many friends who are in this field and have been working and getting help from others who have made it. A paid freelance writer in your network may also end up introducing you to an ideal client or referring you for some work. In this way, you can gain a foothold in your freelance writing career.

Follow Pages that Post Opportunities

Similar to Twitter, Facebook can work for you. People are using this social media platform to generate opportunities through commercial pages. There are several groups and pages in every field which invite freelancers and provide them with work. Search, join and engage in different groups until you find the right ones.

Publish your Availability

Help people know that you are available for hire by posting on your social media accounts. You can’t catch decent opportunities if you don’t let people know that you are available to help. Posting your availability can also help you reach other good writers who can refer you for projects.

Look for Small Content Sites

You may be scratching your head thinking why the path to success as a paid freelance writer would begin with small sies. The fact is that big content agencies don’t pay well, and it is not easy to get pitches approved. The probability of getting a piece published through small content agencies is much higher.

Join Freelance Writer Directories

If you are a beginner and thinking of stepping into the blogosphere with a good start, then pay attention to freelance writing directories. Your directory availability helps you to be visible at all the times.

Learn Content Writing Tricks and Win your Readers’ Hearts

Developing your art is the best way to wow clients and keep them interested. The best technique is to let them know how they can earn more money through your content, and prove it. Whether they hire you as a paid freelance writer or just like reading your blog, having an undeniable selling point is the most lucrative way to magnetize the material and attract more people.

Get to Know your Ideal Client

The ideal client is the one who knows how to create an inbound marketing strategy with the help of blogs and high-quality content, and understands how important this content is. To be successful as a paid freelance writer, you need to know your worth and work with clients who know it, too.


These are the most comfortable and quick tips and tricks which you can use to get good paying freelancing work. Follow these and live your dreams.

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